Thursday, October 4, 2018

Book Review: 'FIST FULL OF FREEDOM: 7+ Proven Streams Of Income To Make Money And Build Wealth Now!' by Diego Rodriguez

FIST FULL OF FREEDOM: 7+ Proven Streams Of Income To Make Money And Build Wealth Now! by [Rodriguez, Diego]

Of Dominican heritage New York author Diego Rodriguez served as a decorated United States Marine and turned to the world of Finance finding success in Real Estate Investments. At present he teaches Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Real Estate Investors how to establish and build over six figures in Business Credit though his ‘BCB’ Build Credit for your Business Workshop and to empower men and women to achieve and manifest their own dreams. And from this stance he shares his concepts in this fine e-book.

In a solid Introduction Diego states, ‘The purpose of this book is to serve as a guide in obtaining that pervasive dream of achieving FINANCIAL FREEDOM! And if you are reading this right now, then we probably have something in common. I did not come from a wealthy background. I had to hustle and break a sweat for every drop of money I first. When you start out at $0 zero and living in poverty you don’t have many choices. I always knew through the examples my mother and father set at a very young age that hard work in a 9 to 5 job does pay the bills, but it doesn’t free you from being a slave to that cycle of poverty. I saw how hard my mother was working and yes, she always provided for me, (God Bless her for that!), but I was not going to watch her just grow old and work herself to death. And that is when my “WHY” was engraved into my heart. From that moment of realization, my goal became moving our family out of a crammed up apt and buying my mother a home! Through dedication and blessings, I was able to achieve my lifelong dream of buying her a home and now she works only 2 or 3 days just because it is her passion! I share this with you because becoming successful in business and in life does not happen by luck, and it doesn’t come easy, or quickly. Life will put you to the test, over and over again to see what you are made of, and whether or not your dream or goal is genuine. The only true way of breaking out of the cycle of poverty and overcoming all the odds in my experience have been through: 1. Education- There are things in this world that we know we don’t know, but oddly enough, there are even more things that we don’t know we know! Not only must you expand your awareness, but also keep exercising that muscle in between your ears so it is fine-tuned when you need it the most! 2. Owning Your Own Business- You will have to work and work hard to become successful. So why not put all your time and energy in building your own ‘job’ and not someone else’s. 3. Defining Your “Why”- the purpose or reason for doing what you do or what you aspire to become. This is by far the most important in my opinion of the 3 because you will get tested. You will fail many times before you get your first taste of success, however big or small. And if you don’t have a “Why” deeply rooted within you, when life knocks you down, beating you with obstacle after obstacle, you will give up. Believe me; Life will put you to the test, if it’s not already doing so as you are reading this. So my advice to you is simple, if you have not discovered what you goals are yet, (besides of course seeking Financial Freedom), take a day or two to explore within you, what your purpose, your reason, your “WHY” for wanting Financial Freedom is! Once you have a clear and genuine picture of your answer, then it is all a matter of educating yourself and implementing what you have learned to reach your destination! And the path to Financial Freedom is through: GENERATING MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME! ‘

Diego’s manner is one of warmth but definitely right to the point – no wasted time with too many ‘stories’. Observing the sections of the book provides insight into the seven streams Diego is supporting: ‘Earned Income, Residual Income, Royalty Income, Interest Income, Dividend Income, Profit Income, Rental Income, and Capital Gains.’

This is a tightly written book that takes into account all of the important aspects of Business credit. Not a moment of time wasted – just read and see. Diego Rodriguez keeps his promise made in his Introduction. Grady Harp, October 18

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