Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Double Your Success: Principles To Build A Multimillion-Dollar Business' by Stephen Levi Carter and Sterling L. Carter

Double Your Success by Stephen Sterling Carter

‘Amazing insights can come from adverse situations.’

Twin brothers, co-author Dr. Sterling L. Carter earned a bachelor’s degree from Langston University in biology and physical therapy, a master’s degree in physical therapy with a focus on orthopedics from Texas Woman’s University, a clinical doctorate in physical therapy from Simmons College in Boston and is a licensed physical therapist and a certified strength and conditioning specialist. His military service has involved his medical expertise for troops in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi/Enduring Freedom with honors. He now owns and runs Sterling Physical Therapy and Wellness. Co-author Stephen Levi Carter earned his BA and MBA from Langston University and University of Houston. He served as a US Army combat medic, alongside his twin brother, Sterling, in Operation Desert Storm. Stephen is also a certified project management professional (PMP) and his career in finance has included managerial and executive-level positions for consulting firms, medical insurance companies, oil and gas companies, and technology firms. As an entrepreneur, Stephen has owned multiple businesses, including a digital publishing platform, a public relations and promotions company, a beauty and grooming studio, a upscale restaurant, and a full-service accounting and tax consulting firm. He now serves as CEO and partner of Sterling Staffing Solutions and is CEO of White Orchid Hospice LLC (2017), a hospice company providing palliative and hospice services to patients throughout the greater Houston metropolitan area. Two amazing twin brothers1 

So much of the winsome flavor f this book is suggested in the Introduction – ‘We are twin brothers descended from Mississippi sharecroppers. Our parents learned the value of hard work in the cotton fields and farmlands in the deep South, and they instilled that work ethic in us at an early age. Our parents both came from large families of eight-plus siblings, which also taught them the value of making a dollar stretch and the art of sharing—two disciplines that we have worked to emulate over the years. As young adults, our parents left the fields for other lines of work.…(the twins entered the military)… After our service, we both finished our undergraduate degrees and pursued careers in different industries—health care and oil and gas, respectively. But over time, as a need for health care staffing became apparent, we combined our experiences and joined together to form our company Sterling Staffing Solutions. We’ve had great success in our venture, and we’ve learned a considerable amount about business, leadership, mentoring, and giving of yourself to others. We wrote this book to share our insights into how to grow a successful business in a short time frame by applying certain principles. We also wrote this book for our family and friends, and for young people who are struggling and need inspiration to pursue a different path in life. We want others to see that hurdles can be overcome—nothing is insurmountable if you are driven to succeed, in either your personal or your professional life.’

The eleven business principles to follow are defined openly and accessible in Section I - the planning stages of any venture. This section discusses: defining your niche and determining your “why”; the value of researching your idea, along with tips for planning and goal setting; the importance of relationships; and understanding that there is no such thing as an “overnight success.” Section II - implementing your venture. This section discusses: tips for selling your vision to stakeholders; and the CARES model, which stands for compassion, attitude, respect, excellence, and servant leadership. Section III - the leader’s mindset. This section discusses: the definition of a servant leader; the value of coaching and mentoring; and taking your venture to the next level, and Section IV - identifying and dealing with pitfalls. This section discusses: if you are not improving, you are losing the race; and preparing for disasters.

Following these well-written sections and applying the principles they describe is a pleasurable read – no scientific jargon to confuse matters but instead honest ‘down home’ information from first person ‘doubles’ we can all use! Highly recommended. 

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