Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Book Review: 'Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts' by Charlie Cochet


If ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’ then Quinn is going to transform into one of the superheros Spencer loves so much before they even get around to dating.
Spencer is precious but, bless him, he’s a menace where Quinn is concerned. I wanted to hug him but then I really wanted to hurry and get to his next meeting with Quinn just to see how much chaos he could create in the big guys life. Also, he could totally be my gay best friend, we have so much in common. That was fun because made him very easy to connect with as a character.
Poor Quinn, he was determined to be a very grouchy patient, Their first face to face meeting is hilarious! I wasn’t sure who was more surprised at how much damage could be done in such a short time. One thing that I found to be very refreshing about this story was that no one was in denial. Sure Quinn had only been out for a couple of years but it was nice that his anxiety about coming out to his friends and family wasn’t the focus of this story since it’s a short. That left more time to simply develop the relationship between him and Spencer and it could be at a more natural pace rather than rushing it.
I purposefully set out to find a good rom-com when I picked this book. It fulfilled my expectations to a tee. How could I not love Quinn’s family? They are Cuban to perfection and exactly the push Quinn needed to see Spencer as more than a friend. It’s not all fun and giggles, though. Quinn has the friend who can barely be called that. I won’t say which one but I would cheerfully pour some lemon juice on him if he had a paper cut.
This is an easy recommend for anyone who enjoys a lighthearted MM short, though I would have been happy for it to have been twice as long. I’ll be watching this author for future books to see if she continues with this family or maybe Quinn’s friends in other books.

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