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Book Review: 'Bang Ukraine' by Roosh V

It is an author's right to use hyperbole. Ukraine isn't the s***hole he describes, but he's headed the right direction. Yes, the short term mentality prevails. Yes, they don't take risks. To the point that people who don't know any better, Danes, Swiss, Indians and Americans, succeed in business here where native Ukrainians refuse to try.

Roosh is right about the need for language in any city except Kyiv (Kiev). If he learned Russian as a first step towards his Ukrainian flag, he is a man gifted with enough intellect to succeed in anything. It begs the question, why, then, only as an international swordsman? Teaching English? You could do better! I've done most of the languages he's done (Spanish, Portuguese) and similar (German vs. Danish, French vs ????). Russian is an order of magnitude more difficult. Mastering Russian just to get laid is like mastering karate just to cut bricks in half. Much more trouble than it is worth.

Roosh is wrong to say that Ukrainian women want a successful local guy, and doubly wrong to say they want mafia. No! They want an honest guy. But... they also have close ties to family, and don't really want to leave Ukraine. If you are a foreigner living in Ukraine, with an adequate income, you are golden.

Ukrainian women are not exactly obsessed with income. Let's face it. In a country with per capita income of $6,000, in reality probably $3,000 after taking into account the fraction taken by the obscenely rich oligarchs he describes so well, you don't have to be totally rich to be attractive. Just security is attractive. And, especially, sobriety is attractive. Ukrainian guys are so beaten down by the system that they are inordinately fond of their booze. A sober guy wherever he is from is a pretty good proposition.

The Ukrainian educational system, as Roosh reports, is dogmatically fixed on grammar, to the neglect of the important aspects of a language, namely vocabulary and the ability to communicate. The upshot is that people who speak English well know more about grammar than you do. Who cares? The majority, who learn it badly, know grammar but not how to talk to people. The flip is true when they teach you Russian. You learn more than you ever want to know about which grammatical case goes with which preposition, but you don't learn how to find the damned toilet.

I heartily second Roosh' suggestion about using the Pimsleur Russian course. It is by far the most complete available. Do it, but be ready to be shocked at how little you know. After completing the course in Portuguese, I was ready for Portugal. After completing the course for Russian, I was ready to start learning Russian. It is tough! Russian is a rich language. Think of all the English words for a hut: cabin, hut, cottage, bungalow, lodge, bungalow, hooch, casita, wigwam, tepee. In Russian there are twice as many, and they use them.

Speaking of language, you should learn Russian rather than Ukrainian. For political reasons the actual percentages are suppressed, but there are probably more native Russian speakers than Ukrainian, and certainly more who do well with Russian than Ukrainian. Following Roosh' good advice to look east, towards the Russian border, you definitely want Russian. Also, just as a bonus, you can use it in Russia and all the former USSR. A Slightly Older Guy will get mileage out of it in the former satellite countries.

Roosh is harsh about the beauty of Ukrainian women. I think I'm with a majority when I rank them the most beautiful women in the world. I lived in Vietnam and traveled often to Thailand; I married a Vietnamese and rank them second. I agree with Roosh' comments about Argentine and Brazilian women. Pretty but not quite up there. Most of the Ukrainian women I know are not overly skinny. Some a bit saftig. In any case, as he reports, they use what they have to 150% of its potential. We differ only in that I think the potential is greater than he will grant. Major caveat: I live in Kiev, and the wealthier, better educated women gravitate here. It could well be different where he spent his time.

Roosh says "smoking hot" without talking about smoking itself. It is a significant class marker. Almost all the lower and middle class smokes. Only the crème de la crème are above this vice. Use it as a reliable litmus as to whether or not you are talking to a really classy woman. Of course, class has its purposes. If you want to get married, as I did, it matters. If you are scoring a flag, as Roosh was attempting, who cares? Dental care is kind of similar. Only the upper class will pay money for private dentists and medicine. Everybody else suffers equally from the legacy of socialized medicine. Bad teeth included.

Roosh' sociology is flawed by what one would call sampling bias. If you meet girls in bars and clubs, you don't exactly get a representative cross-section of the society. Kharkov, where he spent his time, is a university town. How many students did he get to know? When he says the girls are like dolls, passive, trading only on their looks, he omits the large college educated crowd who are quite vocal, quite self-aware and self-assertive. Still feminine for all that, but not passive. I'll add that girls in bars the world over act passive, waiting for men to offer a come-on. Meet them in a less charged environment and they are different people.

Yes, the Ukrainian girls do drill down to "why are you here" very quickly. Not that they are against your wanting to find a sweetie, but they don't want to put up with any lies. I note that now that I am married to a Ukrainian they see it differently. No longer a suspicious "why are you here?" but a self-interrogatory "why didn't I notice him before he found her?" Note that this kind of remorse is not confined by geography!

Roosh is right that the way you get to know a girl is crucial. See my ukraine_eureka blog on livejournal. Before you come, you should line up whatever contacts you can through church, social or self-help organizations. After arriving, make a circle of American guy friends quickly so they can introduce you around. And, as he did, teaching English is a good entrée.

Roosh recommends for Internet dating. Consider also and There are many. The main thing is that you have to have craigslist type skills. Most people don't. If you have the gift of gab via the written word, it works well via Google translate, as he says.

I'm doing a wrap here, halfway through the book. The pickup material is interesting from an anthropological point of view, but (a) though I bought all the books, I never got good at it, and (b) the things I did got me married with a baby, a good enough trick for a retiree, and what I was looking for.

I'll go off on my own riff for just a couple of paragraphs. Ukrainian women are traditional. They want a family. That's what I wanted and attempted to build for many decades in the States, without marked success. They put up with their husbands: drink, clothes on the floor, time with the guys, whatever. American girls are outraged when they don't get perfection. Ukrainian girls are grateful for what they get. As Roosh says, age isn't an issue. My wife is a bit less than half my age, yet we understand one another better than I have ever understood an American woman. There is a generation gap, but much less marked than in the West. She wants to make it work, as do I. She's looking for how to succeed, not why things will fail.

My major reservation is with Roosh himself. Is there no greater aim in life than getting laid? Is Hugh Hefner our cultural ideal for all time? Isn't there certain monotony, girl after girl, body after body, without getting more deeply involved? If sex is all there is, with no concern for procreation, we are doomed. Roosh, I look for a spiritual revival at some point. You are smart and articulate enough to report convincingly when it happens.

If all you want is a meaningless roll in the hay, there are many places more accessible than Ukraine. Western girls have been conditioned by Cosmo et al to think as you do, that life amounts to no more than maximizing your hedonic pleasures. Stick with them! On the other hand, if you want a wife, coming to Ukraine is definitely worth the effort. To make another analogy, if all you want is horsemeat (pun intended), any horse will do. Why trouble yourself to pick a racehorse? Ukrainian women, by and large, remain unspoiled, still ready for better things.

Let me flog my blog one more time: ukraine_eureka at livejournal. Be a pioneer - be the first to read it.

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