Sunday, September 9, 2018

Book Review: 'Resurrection' by E.H. James

Old homes are full of memories. Not them are happy ones.
Cole and Devyn were both smart and observant characters. I was impressed with how quickly they figured out that the house they’d just purchased was haunted. Seeing them put the pieces together so soon only made me more curious to find out how they’d react to the fact that they weren’t the only ones who called that place home. They had excellent reasons to explain why they would keep living there. I couldn’t wait to see if those reasons would be overshadowed by all of the terrifying stuff that happened every time they turned their back.
The dialogue was a little clunky at times. For example, the characters sometimes spoke if they were describing their thoughts to someone else instead of having a free-flowing conversation with each other. It was something I especially noticed in the beginning when they were first realizing that their home was haunted. The things they said sounded more like what they’d think in the spur of the moment than what they’d say to a spouse. There was a lot of panic in their words, but there weren’t many other emotions at all. This was a minor criticism of a story that I otherwise liked quite a bit, but it did pull me out of the plot when it happened.
This is the third story in this series. I loved seeing how the first two parts of this series were referenced in this one. Everything has been tied together beautifully so far while still leaving plenty of room for new readers to jump in at any point without getting confused about what is going on. Resurrection found the perfect balance between continuing the legend of the Starke house and exploring Cole and Devyn’s experiences in their new home. This isn’t an easy thing to accomplish, but it makes me even more eager to read parts four and five in the near future!
Resurrection: The Legacy of Starke House made me shudder. If getting scared is your idea of a great time, definitely give this tale a try.

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