Thursday, September 13, 2018

Book Review: 'That’s One Cross Vamp' by Bailey Bradford

Erin was dangerously close to forty and finding himself dissatisfied with much of his life. Erin had known for years that vampires were real – his twin brother Andrew was in a serious, long-term relationship with one for starters – but Erin tried hard to just enjoy his life and not get too involved with any one man. Out clubbing Erin bumps into Jude, a vampire he’s known for years. Erin is surprised when Jude comes onto him but can’t resist. Will they both regret it later?
Whew! Keep a cold drink handy and make sure you turn off your phone. This is a steamy hot read that jumps pretty much straight into the sexy stuff. Erin and Jude have been friends for ages, and when Jude finally decides it’s time for Erin to stop his playboy ways the two men certainly know how to set fire to the bedroom. I really enjoyed how carefully and slowly Jude led Erin into their relationship. The small steps they each took bringing their friendship to be friends-with-benefits, then more than just friends, it was a great progress and one I thoroughly enjoyed following. I also really enjoyed how the story wasn’t simply loads of sex and not much character growth, Erin was at a real turning-point in his life, even though he was only partially aware of it, and having Jude there to support him and help fulfil him was a lovely thing to see.
The plot was very character-based. Erin has a very big, life-altering event happen and watching him, Jude and their friends deal with the consequences was heart-wrenching and kept me engrossed in the storyline. I could strongly sympathize with Erin and the choices he was determined to follow through on.
The plot, the interesting characters and the wonderful sex scenes all worked together to make this an excellent story and one I will happily read again in the future. Recommended.

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