Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Book Review: 'Texting, Autocorrect, and a Prius' by M.A. Church

Texting “I saw your penis for sale on Craigslist. Is it still available?” is certainly one way to grab a man’s attention. When Clay accidently sends this text – autocorrect changing “Prius” to “Penis” – Darrell can see the humour in the situation. This leads to an amusing and wonderful new relationship between the two men – one that both hope will lead to something more.
After what I personally felt was a slow start, I found this to be a fun and very sexy story. Readers who like their romances to be eased into will likely enjoy this beginning. Darrell is a mechanic and Clay is a strong car aficionado. They have plenty in common along with a healthy amount of respect and desire for each other’s cars and bodies. The author, however, introduces both characters – and a few interesting secondary characters – quite solidly as individuals before Darrell and Clay even really meet. While I personally would have preferred them to meet slightly faster and have that extra time and space to read about them getting to know each other and date – I can’t completely fault the author for giving the story, and both Darrell and Clay’s characters a good, solid basis before moving the romance forward.
Once Darrell and Clay do manage to give the Prius a test drive the heat sizzling between them explodes and their romantic relationship really begins to flourish. I thoroughly enjoyed the sex and chemistry that grew in leaps and bounds between the two men. I also was delighted that Clay – a few noticeable years younger than Darrell – was the Top in their relationship. While not unheard of, it certainly isn’t a common aspect in M/M relationships that I’ve read and I was both surprised and thrilled by how much I enjoyed it. I also really liked the detail and depth the author took – really going into some of the layers that grew between Darrell and Clay. As the two men work out the newness of their relationship and ride through the various emotions they each bring out in each other I really felt this story didn’t gloss over or shy away from a number of aspects new relationships entail – as lots of other romance stories do. I found the BDSM to be incredibly mild – more a matter of Clay wanting to be in charge sexually than actual whips-and-chains type of kink or the harder side of the BDSM lifestyle. I feel most readers happy with an erotic M/M storyline with explicit sex shouldn’t find the BDSM aspects of the story to be hard-core or shocking.
Two of the secondary characters showed the potential in my opinion to become a sequel and I certainly plan to keep an eye out for more stories by this author. This was a fun, lighthearted and car-savvy story with a hint of spice and was a brilliant way to spend the weekend. A great read and one I will enjoy again in the future.

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