Thursday, September 13, 2018

Book Review: 'Summer Star' by D.J. Davis

Summer and Troy may have been friends in the beginning but chemistry and circumstances literally propel them into an adventure that spans time and threatens their lives and their new found love.
A hundred plus year old ghost and a treasure hunt are rarely on a first date agenda. If they could survive this, navigating a relationship would be no problems at all.
The beginning for me was a little bit difficult to get through because of the visions that Troy kept having. These visions caused Troy to slip back to the past. I wasn’t sure at first how to identify what was happening and who was the hero of this story. Troy was the obvious answer from the blurb but the new man I met carried quite a bit of weight in the story so I was curious to see how his story would play out. The back and forth from the past to the present was confusing at first but once I caught on to the quest, it made much more sense. From there, it just got better and better.
Troy and Summer aren’t perfect characters. They both had past issues in the relationship department. Seeing the ups and downs of their relationship was realistic and refreshing.
Summer Star is both fantasy and paranormal as well as a mystery. The romance was a slow build up that I loved. The timing overall in this story was a big win. The mystery of the ghost and the treasure was suspenseful and developed slowly as opposed to a ‘big reveal’ right at the very end. Readers who enjoy a romance that builds but also unravels the mystery at just the right pace, should give this one a read. Well worth the time!

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