Monday, September 10, 2018

Book Review: 'Rush: A Reverse Harem Romance' by Lane Hart

North Carolina author Lane Hart is a prolific erotica writer with a dozen steamy stories that have a committed following. Lane draws from her background - a Masters in Criminal Justice and having spent ten years working as a paralegal for a criminal defense attorney – to keep her stories gritty. Her range of topics is extensive – from paranormal to her favored martial arts and football players to cops to vampires – and in this book she manages to focus on sports. She is married to fellow author D.B. West.

Lane has a talent for character development, not a trait we often see in erotica writer. The opening chapter gives us a strong impression of her main characters. Graham – ‘“Mr. Lawson, we warned you over a year ago that you were at risk of falling below the required GPA,” the ancient Student Affairs lady tells me. “And you obviously didn’t take that warning seriously since it continued to drop even lower in the last two semesters.” “So, you’re saying that I’m not only losing my football scholarship, but you’re kicking me out of school?” I exclaim in disbelief while trying to wrap my head around my entire life’s demise. “Yes.” “Wow,” I mutter, as I slump down in the visitor’s chair and swipe a hand over my brow to mop up the sweat that’s starting to pour down it. No. This can’t be the end! I need to find a way to convince her to give me another chance. Just one more is all I need. “Mrs. Berry, you know football takes up all of my time—” “Not in the spring, it doesn’t,” the skeleton who holds the keys to my future interrupts my excuse. “You were made aware of Freemont’s two-point-oh requirement for all student-athletes when you were accepted into our program your freshman year. We’ve given you several chances to improve your grades, and you refused to take them seriously.” “What did Coach Swanson have to say about this?” I ask, since I’m the team’s starting running back. Last season, I rushed for eight-hundred-and-ninety yards and had four touchdowns in just nine games! If not for the stupid hamstring injury in the summer that kept me out of the season opener, I may have even been invited to the scouting combine while I was a junior. Senior year will be my last chance to go pro, and now this old bird is saying that the school is just throwing
me and my dreams in the garbage because of my lousy grades? “While Coach Swanson hates to see you go, he understands the policy is non-negotiable. Your current GPA is a staggering…one-point-eight.”

Or as the very brief synopsis states, ‘’A shy bookworm is about to get an education in falling in love from three incredibly hot football players. When college football star Graham Lawson is given one last Hail Mary chance to pull up his GPA or lose his spot on the team, he turns to the sweet but shy bookworm from his hometown - the girl who saved him back in high school. Skyler Sutton is beyond stunned when her longtime crush asks her to come stay with him for the entire summer. She's even more surprised when Graham's two incredibly hot, fun-loving roommates decide to educate her with a lifetime of firsts she'll never forget. Charlie and Tyson show Skyler friendship, compassion, and love that knows no limits. They even try to protect her from having her heart broken when they convince playboy Graham to keep his hands off of his little tutor. But can two amazing guys really replace the one man who Skyler would give anything to be with? After Graham caves and can no longer resist Sky, will she have to choose between her unconventional relationship with Charlie and Tyson? Or will Graham decide to team up with his roommates to give Sky everything she's ever dreamed of and more?

Lane continues to paint visible credible characters for her series and the variations in stories are yet another reason to keep following her writing! Grady Harp, September 18
This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited.

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