Friday, September 14, 2018

Book Review: 'Nobody Knows' by Susan Coryell

What are the spirits trying to tell the Overton family?
Ashby Overton is a historical romance writer who also happens to have experience when dealing with paranormal spirits. Ellis O. Grady, PhD Professor of Sociology introduced himself to the Overton family as a possible blood relative. His investigation stems from treasures and notes that belong to his distance relatives who were captured in Africa and enslaved by Burwell Overton. The Overton family, which happens to be big on their family history, takes Professor Ellis to the historical Jared Chapel. Jared Chapel served as the center of black social life and represented freedom of worship for Blacks in Overhome back in 1782. That historical site is at risk of being bought by a cold hearted developer, Sonny Slaughter. The spirits are restless and trying to get the Overton’s family attention. This is a story that offers an intriguing mystery, with a strong family unit and a community that is willing to stand together to preserve the towns historical site.
The book is well written, the character are developed and the unique plot kept my interest. It has a somewhat intriguing start but spent a lot of time introducing characters and talking about horse training. I like the diary entries because they were informative and helped narrate the story along by giving more details. The story is interesting and told with a variety of characters and events that all combine into a balanced story with the mystery being solved by the end. Strange things are happening and items are disappearing. The author did a good job of pacing the story and explaining so that it was easy for me to follow the story as it unfolds.
The book wasn’t only about family history and huntings. The author threw in a threat to Ashby’s marriage. Luke hires a young lady that seems more interested in him than in working at his veterinary practice. This plays out in the mist of the paranormal mystery and is resolved.
Even though this book is part of a series this can be read as a standalone. I was not lost and was able to complete the book without questions or confusion.
This was a satisfying read that I would recommend to the reader that enjoys a book that is a balance between mystery and paranormal.

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