Friday, September 21, 2018

Book Review: 'Mine Forever and Always' by Tammy L. Bailey

As teenagers Lily and Henry take part in a mock marriage. Shortly after, adult interference tears them apart leaving Lily with the impression Henry regrets his action and no longer wants anything to with her. Lily is invited by Henry’s sister to a party at his family home and he takes every opportunity to ridicule her.
This is a nice book, but for something in the regency line there are a lot of times when Henry would be forced to marry Lily whether he wanted to or not. The passion between them is blurred with Lily wanting him but knowing she can’t have him and Henry apparently only wanting to argue with her.
The imagination brings the scenes and characters to life, and misunderstanding provides levity to the situation, as well as tension. I loved the sister Jane, she was such a lively young lady and I felt she and Waverley would make a good pair. I would have liked to know more of how Jane managed to twist the taking of a name out of a hat to get the response she wanted. Good plot.

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