Thursday, September 27, 2018

Book Review: 'Forever Young: A Tale Of Blood, Innocence Lost, And Youth Eternal' by Indika Guruge

‘I love to make men fall into my spell and for them to get enchanted by my bewitching beauty.’

Sri Lanka author Indika Guruge earned his Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management at Royal College and was an Honors graduate of the National University Singapore. The handsome young man now works in real estate and property development. He is a director of The Guruge Group of Companies, a prominent outfit of property development and amusement parks in Sri Lanka, winning awards for his talent and services. His published novels to date are KARMA NEMESIS, ORPHAN GIRL, HOUSE MAID, and now FOREVER YOUNG.

Indika steps in the world of world of paranormal romances - his first vampire novel – and in doing so he gives evidence of a writer who hopefully will continue to explore this genre of writing further. His reader-friendly style of writing is evident form the opening chapter – ‘My eyes napped open to the creak of the bedroom door opening. “Good morning, my Queen.” I woke up to the voices of my father and brother, staring at me, waiting for a reply. “Yes, my children, what is it? I have asked not to be disturbed at this time.” I didn't open my eyes, but I could hear them breathing closer to me. I raised my eyebrows. They know well enough, that they would be in real trouble for disturbing me while I am asleep. Except for an emergency or an extremely important matter, it depends. When I turned around I could feel the water in my coffin making little waves, they were dashing on me. I have been resting in silence for many years this way. Magic’s power, still pulsed through my body and it ached for a release. I know lying inside this coffin will aid me stay younger longer than staying outside. But I’ve slept too long now, I need to look at myself in the mirror to see if I have aged. “My Queen, there is an invitation for you from America to attend a charity event following a dinner party.” What are they even talking about? I don’t even like charity. How long have I been in this coffin? What have they been doing while I was asleep all this time? Have they gone mad to think I am a humanitarian now? I better check if everything is in its proper order. They still need my guidance sometimes when it comes to taking big decisions. I have taught them well enough to never outshine their master. “Alright, from whom is this invitation?” I asked them sounding annoyed. “What’s so special about it that you had to wake me up?” They always want me to have the best of everything. I took a deep breath with disappointment and stood up from my coffin. I can feel the water dripping from my naked body while I kept my feet to the ground, the wet stone floor chilled my feet. My hair was a mess and I could feel my body getting cold slowly. John and Maria instantly brought towels to cover me and began to wipe my naked body while I stood still without expressing any emotions. Maria wiped my legs and started wiping my messy hair.’

The well-developed and paced plot is as follows – ‘As the sun sets, and the stage is set: A luscious, enigmatic woman who loves the finer things in life - and harbors a dark and deadly secret. A famous billionaire genius, bored and fed up with his empty, loveless lifestyle of drugs, one night stands, and expensive parties. And an innocent, studious young girl who wants nothing but to help people. Either by chance or fate, life has brought these three together and bound them in a tangled web of love, lust, and dark secrets. Follow the thrilling story of two star-struck lovers faced with an ominous dark threat, more dangerous than they could ever fathom - a threat with a tempting face and body, a sweet voice, and a mind wicked beyond all measure: She’s none other than the Elizabeth Bathory - the most powerful vampire that ever lived! Will the innocent win, or will the evil get in their way and have the last laugh?’

A very fine novel, especially for the intended Young Adult audience. Indika Guruge is well on his way to becoming a substantially significant author. Recommended. 

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