Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Book Review: 'Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas' by Terry Spear

Ms. Spear has done it again. She has written another fun werewolf romance with an interesting twist on an often told tale. You know, a struggling heroine finds herself a possible heiress, has to compete with someone else to prove she is who she is and finds herself in a pickle because someone does not want her to prove it. Throw in a new way of life, a hero she’s not sure she can trust and finding out she is not a lone wolf after all, totally makes Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas worth taking the time to snuggle down and get comfy with while reading.
I liked Candice and Owen’s romance. I liked how they met, how they courted and the dialogue that flowed back and forth between them. I enjoyed seeing how the heroine fit in with Owen’s small pack and I adored all the kids and their antics. One of the kids is of course extra mischievous and ends up having a special place in Owen and Candice’s heart. Mine too, for that matter.
The conflict is mostly character driven except when it comes to the heroine proving her authenticity. That’s where the external conflict shows up and it provides the suspense and drama needed to keep the plot moving. There are plenty of surprises and interesting twists so this story avoids being a cliché. Ms. Spear sure had a challenge ahead of her in trying to fit all the action in during a rushed but believable timeline that raced towards the final showdown and satisfying conflict resolution. It was well paced, used effective descriptions and engaged my emotions.
I know the title mentions Christmas and that it’s a really big holiday, but the season isn’t the focus of the story. The special time is used more to wrap up the happily ever after as it’s the perfect reason for a celebration of family, of hope, of dreams come true and the start of a wonderful future. It has a feel good, optimistic and charming ending all tied up with a beautiful, big bow of romance and love.
Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas is a sweet romance that pulls the heartstrings because both Candice and Owen lost the lives they had before the ‘big change’. But, in each other, found happiness and joy for the life that’s ahead of them. I’m quite confident that their happy ever after is actually the beginning of a wonderful new life adventure for both of them. I’m a very content reader.

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