Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Book Review: 'Crashing Into Me (Book #1)' by R.L. Jackson

‘It was only a year ago when he abandoned her at the altar. Hard to forget a face like that.’

Florida author R.L Jackson is an independent filmmaker, magazine editor and screenwriter as well as an author of growing stature. Her series THE CRASHING SERIES of which CRUSHING INTO ME is Book One shows promise of a very well skilled romance writer – a ringmaster of a dark circus of players whose identities may be a bit difficult to isolate at times but whose interaction produces a fast paced ride guaranteed to keep your attention and your adrenaline high. 

RL wastes no time getting us involved in her tense story. In the first few paragraphs she gives a well painted portrait of her heroine and a solid hint of the problematic relationship to come ‘The bagel bite Lana Mckenzie just put in her mouth was like ambrosia from Greek mythology. She had just gotten off work and having not eaten all day, couldn’t pass up the crispy cheesy morsel being passed out by the sample lady in the store. Mentally, she added them to her grocery list and pushed her rattling shopping cart away, as she eyed the remaining samples; concerned she might devour the entire tray. Her legs felt like lead, and her feet were sore after having stood on them the previous fourteen hours at the hospital. Thankfully, she made the decision to change out of her sneakers and into flip flops in the parking lot, giving her tootsies some relief. Usually, she’d make a beeline straight home and soak her feet to try and stave off any blisters before work the next day, but that wouldn’t be the case for her tonight. The four-week vacation she’d been dreaming of started the next day and she couldn’t wait to “veg” out on the couch and do absolutely nothing. The thought gave her a small jolt of excited energy as she continued to push the cart towards the frozen food section, in search of her evening dinner. It wasn’t late yet, just after eight in the evening, but the store was packed with people and only three registers were opened at the moment. She yawned at the thought of waiting in the checkout line and wished she’d gone home instead, but there was nothing to eat in her apartment other than microwaveable popcorn and she was absolutely ravenous. Her pale blue scrubs were wrinkled, and her thin frame was engulfed in the oversized cotton mess. She looked more like she’d just rolled out of bed than spent the whole day saving lives as an E.R Nurse at Broward General. Lana’s black curly hair was piled in a messy bun, and any traces of makeup on her face was long gone. As she stopped in front of the ice cream freezer and eyeballed a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the glass door. She ran her hand through her hair in a sad attempt to fix it. No dice. This should be a crime, she thought and decided it was time to make a quick exit. She reached in and grabbed the tub of Chunky Monkey ice cream, threw it in the cart, and pushed around the corner. Suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks. Across the aisle, less than ten feet away from her, there he was. Her ex Samuel, and he was with her. It was Joanna, one of the hospital administrators where they all worked and a notorious gossip. Lana was convinced she had her eye on Sam the entire time they dated. Lots of the female staff had a thing for him and that was the price she paid, for dating in the workplace.’

Whoever supplies the author with a plot synopsis is excellent – ‘Getting dumped at the altar nearly broke Lana McKenzie beyond repair. A year later, she was working to rebuild her life. Until a face from her past forces her to seek an escape. Tucked away in a beautiful, secluded mountain estate, Lana finds her solace. That is until she comes face to face with her new roommate. Kayden Capshaw is a handsome, out of control party boy whose grief has pushed him to a much-needed getaway in his house on the mountain. But Lana was the last person he expected to find there. She’s feisty, stubborn, and undeniably gorgeous. He’s arrogant, flashy, and hotter than the sun. She’ll do anything to stay away. He’ll do anything to get close. As the ice between the two melts, unwelcome guests threaten to interrupt the delicate fabric of their new relationship. Will their fiery passions continue to burn bright or will outside forces put out the flames for good?’

All the ingredients for a passionate and complex romance are here and the manner in which RL Jackson stirs the broth promises one very fine series of THE CRASHING. Highly recommended.

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