Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Book Review: 'By Design' by B.A. Tortuga

Robin and Terry business partners, working together on the road. Robin is really unsure when Terry suggests they go to the Cat House to grab a burger and try to unwind after a particularly stressful week. Robin had no clue that the Cat House was a gay bar – not the sort of clientele they usually entertained. All too soon he’s seduced away by two devastatingly sexy men – Casey and Travis – and Robin’s world is turned upside down.
I found this to be a fun and lighthearted, sexy romp of a story. I loved how Casey and Travis knew exactly what they wanted – Robin – and just went for it with him. I was intrigued that Robin really didn’t know he was a cat-shifter and enjoyed how the author slowly let that part of the plot unfurl as Casey and Travis pounced on Robin and that couple became a threesome.
I loved the strength of the connection between Casey and Travis. A committed, long-term pair I really believed in their relationship and love – the emotional connection between them was deep. Sometimes adding a third person into an already-established couple can be tricky or appear unrealistic, but the author did an excellent job writing this and I totally believed that Robin easily and seamlessly joined in as a third with this pair. I loved reading about their growing relationship and was pleased that this was the main focus of the plot for most of the story. I’d be interested and curious to read a sequel about Terry – I feel certain there is far more to that man than is readable on the surface. The sex was hot and just a little bit kinky – a bit of spanking and talk about bondage-play – just enough to add a bit of spice to the threesome sex, not enough for me to think it would turn off readers who aren’t into reading about harder-core erotic sex.
Fun and sexy, this was a great read and one I thoroughly enjoyed. I will be totally keeping an eye out for any further stories in this series.

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