Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Commentary: We've Reached "Peak Vagina"

By Aaron Clarey
I've told the story before but I shall tell it again, it was 1984.  Me and my other 9 year old compatriots were at recess playing basketball.  There had been a tiff between the boys and girls in that we didn't want to play basketball with the girls because they sucked at playing basketball.  Mind you this didn't prevent them from playing basketball - they had an entire court to themselves.  But we boys, on our own, with the modicum of free time we were allotted for recess did not want to spend OUR TIME playing with girls.

Then our teacher, Mrs. Koors thought she'd be clever.

We noticed the top five players were missing in recess.  Normally they were the first to be picked for teams, so we were wondering where they had gone.  And soon enough we found out.

They came out, Mrs. Koors having themdressed like girls, in wigs and skirts and summarily proceeded to kick our asses.  This, according to the logic of Mrs. Koors, would teach us girls are equal and should be picked for basketball.  In reality all it did was make us hate the loathesome woman more than we already did, make less inclined to play with girls...oh...and by the way...it did not change the fact the girls still sucked at basketball.

This event was merely one of thousands we would endure over the next several decades about women being equal and how we boys had to be punished for being boys.  Nor was it the first one, as nearly every one of our 1980's parents with their 1960's politics constantly banged it into our heads that women were equal to men.  Women could do everything men could do.  Women this, women that, you should respect women.  This cacophony would continue and increase in volume into high school, take a slight respite in college (as in the 90's it was an operational given men and women were equal), but then get turned up to 14 in the 00's and 10's with the advent of social media.

Now, 40 years later, we have reached "peak vagina."

40 years of anything will lose it's value.  And if you exponentially flood the market with it, it will lose its value even more quickly.  This is basic economics.  Ferrari's are incredibly expensive cars in part because they're expensive to manufacture, but also because they're rare.  Prada hand bags are merely cheap material, but cheap material assembled in limited supply, driving their market value up.  But damnit if I can't go 4 hours without some petty and whinny news article or media outlet constantly reminding me about the plight of women, "#meetoo," the wage gap, or some truly insignificant achievement by a woman celebrated as "brave" or "amazing."  And while the proponents of feminism and women think this is helping advance their "cause," because of the law of economics, it is now actually hurting them.  Not only because the market is flooded with vagina, but because its nature has been that of nagging and lecturing.  And men (and some women) are getting mightily sick of it.  

For example plagiarizing male movies and simply "adding vagina."  Feminist Ghostbusters was a sad copy-cat version of the original, but more recently than that was Ocean's 8.  Nobody I think begrudges you if you want to remake classics (because you lack the creativity to make originals), but what was truly off-putting was the nagging that followed about how "white male reviewers" were harming Ocean's 8 at the box office.   And this for a movie that by all measures was a decently profitable and successful film.

Another example (which was the snowflake that caused this avalanche of an article), was a tweet I got in my twitter feed about Reese Witherspoon being "amazing" and "brave" in her upcoming Direct TV show "Shine On."  It's a show that showcases female entrepreneurs.


But not "brave" or "amazing" or "empowering."

The fact we take simple things women do and reward and praise them with euphemisms such as "brave" and "amazing" once again floods the market with those words to the point it means nothing.

Alas in 1944  

"Lieutenant Johnson and his men landed at Omaha Beach against several MG-42 emplacements, losing half his men.  They were very brave" meant something


today where

"Amy Johnson started a GoFundMe to raise awareness about having a discussion about how student loans oppress women more than men.  She's so brave!" means absolutely nothing.

Worse, (and revisiting how constantly flooding the market with vagina results in a backlash to it) is only singing the praises for one of the sexes, while also subtly (and sometimes, not so subtly) accusing the other of being the problem, not only tunes them out, but breeds resentment, hatred, and potentially an actual bigotry that counters what you purported to originally want to achieve.  

But perhaps what does the most damage to modern day women's causes is lying.  The biggest lie of which is that women are constantly oppressed or somehow treated poorly in the western world, and therefore need all this praise, leg ups, handicaps, hashtags, pity, affirmative action, hiring preferences, and 4 decades of constant nagging and complaining.  This isn't to say bad things don't happen to women, but western women are so spoiled the slightest to-be-expected-life-inconvenience is proof of oppression and needs to be addressed immediately.  So much so, the movement has now gone from fighting against what could have been construed as genuine oppression to fighting reality, which is also to say "gone insane."

A guy who dares to caution a woman "don't walk down that alley at night, it's dangerous" is immediately and vehemently accused of "slut shamming" or "victim blaming."  The logic and reason?  Women should be able to go wherever they want, whenever they want, wearing whatever they want.

Being obese is no longer something to be ashamed of, but something to be celebrated.  Never mind FACTUALLY men do not find it attractive.  Never mind FACTUALLY obesity is bad for your health.  Never mind (despite howls of not needing a man) these two items alone will guarantee a lesser life for women.  According to "Peak Vagina" such factors are "patriarchy" or "oppression" and you dirty, dirty, sexist boys and your HARDWIRED biological programming to like svelte girls with big tits are to blame for it.

And perhaps my favorite lie - the wage gap.  Men major in and study tougher, higher paying subjects.  We also work more dangerous jobs.  That is a fact.  That is reality.  The wage gap could have been closed long ago if feminists and women in general had the intellectual honesty and courage to accept this reality and put forth the same effort as men into their careers (it would've been so "brave.").  But they didn't.  They instead preferred to continue the decades-long nagging/complaining/whining route demanding crutches, handicaps, leg-ups and "mentor her" hashtags, none of which will actually close the wage gap, but sure makes it a lot easier on women's careers.

This is perhaps the lie I loathe the most coming from the modern day women's movement because it exposes your true intentions.  With enough indoctrination I can see why you would think "big is beautiful" or at least in theory you have a right to walk down dark alleys, in short skirts, and "should not" be assaulted or raped.  I can also see with a constant and life-long environment, from kindergarten onto your 30's, where the entirety and totality of that environment is telling you you're oppressed and a victim, where you might non-maliciously actually believe those lies.  But the wage gap, and women's PURPOSED AND CONSCIOUS decision to avoid the hard labors, studies, and toils that would close it BUT THEN STILL COMPLAIN ABOUT IT tells me you are consciously playing a victim game and have no intention or desire to be equal to men.  The money making operation for most of the modern women's movement is to be a victim, thus requiring either a drastic lowering of standards for their employment and success, or outright financial hand outs be it scholarships for worthless degrees, government checks, or even creating entire make-work industries (non-profits, CSR, social work, academia, etc.) so women can pretend to be self-supporting adults (while men die in mines and gas explosions).  

You're not fooling anyone.  Well, perhaps yourselves and a contingent of younger men who are stuck in the Kindergarten-20's indoctrination system.  Or young men who just want to get laid and will tell younger women whatever they want to hear.  But what is truly undermining the women's movement today is overkill combined with pettiness.  In the 1910's the absence of women's suffrage was a tangible, logical, even ethical consideration and concern for women.  I'd even argue abortion in the 1960's was also a genuine concern and issue for women.  But today, when your biggest problems are:

"White male reviewers" didn't like our movie as much
Women have more student loan debt...even though we go to college more
I don't make as much as an engineer (when your job description ACTUALLY HAS "RAISE AWARENESS" IN IT!


"Blonde privilege"

do not tell me your oppressed, underprivileged, let alone need society to bend over backwards to make life even easier for you.  You're spoiled, you're pampered, you're shielded from the majority of harshness of reality, and I don't need to hear your Peak Vagina nagging and whining 6 times a day from the MSM, colleges, academics, government, corporate CSR departments, or television.  Put on your big girl pants, get a real job, spend less than you make, and truly "man up."  It's what you've always wanted and nobody is stopping you from doing so.

Editor's note: This article was originally published at Captain Capitalism and has been rerun with permission.

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