Monday, August 20, 2018

Book Review: 'The Wedding Diary' by Margaret James


Oh, what a joy it was reading this story! When I started to read it I thought that it would be yet another predictable book about fake boyfriends. I was wrong, very wrong to be exact. The Wedding Diary is anything but predictable.
The Wedding Diary follows the path that leads to the HEA of Cat Aston and Adam Lawley. They’re two people who were both in relationships that ended up badly and all that they were left with were broken hearts. But somewhere along the way they meet and they became close. The way to their happy ending, i.e. a wedding, is very rocky, but with a little help of an eccentric wedding planner, everything and anything is possible.
The Wedding Diary was so full of twists and turns, ups and downs and funny situations. Both main characters were so lovable. They might have seemed like weak people who avoid confrontations, but in crucial moments they showed that they had backbone proving that no one could mess with them.
There was another character that I hated (but in the end I fell in love with) and that is eccentric wedding planner, Fanny Gregory. Fanny is a good spirit of the story. Most of the time I found her so annoying, but since nothing is what it seemed in The Wedding Diary, Fanny also turned out to be something completely different.
The writing is also great. The story was written from third person POV, but it follows simultaneously Cat’s and Adam’s story, so that reader knows what is going on with both of them. The story flows smoothly, all ends are tied up and the hero and heroine’s HEA is believable. Furthermore the descriptions are so well written that I felt like I was in London, England countryside and Toscana while reading this story.
I love this story, because it made me feel good all around. So if you like well written, funny, happy and feel good romances, go grab this one.

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