Friday, August 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Unspoken' by Jen Frederick


Bullying can exists in types of environments. In the halls of higher education, where people should already be considered adults, it is unforgivable. A woman’s reputation can be destroyed when bullies do not get their way. This is the case in this all-consuming story.
AnneMarie (AM for short) is a determined young woman. She will graduate and begin her life regardless of the bullying perpetrated upon her by the Lacrosse team. One mistake during her freshman year has had a devastating effect on her college years. She is a strong character, though her flaw is to avoid confrontation.
Beauregard (Bo for short) is all an ex-Marine should be… except for his infamous temper. Now in college, Bo uses illegal fights as a means to release all the pent up anger he feels. AM is the perfect opposite to Bo. I love that by being such opposites, they balance each other. Bo can learn patience from AM, and AM can learn to stand up for herself from Bo.
The inevitable love affair between these two is both heart wrenching and sensitive. Bo has learned to respect and adore AM… it made me sigh when he fell for her completely.
This is a lovely story of two damaged but strong individuals. Their union is an example of opposites attracting and at the same time, perfecting the other.

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