Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Book Review: 'Under His Command' by Kristine Cayne


An amazingly hot, erotic romance story by Kristine Cayne! Forced to marry because of a surprise pregnancy, a one-night-stand becomes a love story from a dysfunctional beginning.
Jamie must come to terms that he is not communicating with his wife. No matter how much he defers to her wishes, she still resents him and they cannot stop fighting. As a firefighter, his life is unpredictable. Erika (nicknamed Rickie by him) fears she cannot count on him and must rely on what she can accomplish to survive. Soon, this sense of independence evolves to a point where she doubts there is a reason to stay married. She wants Jamie to be married to her because he loves and needs her not because she became pregnant and he had to marry her.
Jamie’s solution to the imminent divorce they are facing is to promise her a much-needed honeymoon where they can re-connect and solve their problems. This is a brilliant idea to resolve the issues on both their minds and discover how deeply they both love each other.
The honeymoon is fraught with problems in the beginning until Jamie decides to let his Dominant self comes through. The love scenes between them are some of the most erotically stimulating scenes I have ever read. Jamie’s Dominant persona is also gentle and caring. He is cautious of Rickie’s feelings and desires. Rickie is powerless to resist him, and so she finally finds the man she fell in love with.

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