Thursday, August 2, 2018

Book Review: 'The Seduction Hypothesis' by Delphine Dryden


When Lindsey makes arrangements to go to BeastCon with a group of friends, she didn’t plan on her ex being along for the ride.
Being cooped up in an RV from Houston to Phoenix is close quarters, especially if one is there with a group of nerdy scientist types and one very moody ex-boyfriend. Lindsey tries to keep her distance from Ben, but he is determined to fix what went wrong in their relationship. The only problem is, Lindsey has had her fill of Ben starting and stopping every project in his life, including her. She is having none of it. She came to see her favorite comic book series, Balls ‘n’ Chain brought to life and that is what she is sticking with. It shouldn’t matter that she feels every smoldering gaze Ben gives her. Nope. Not at all. This road trip is about as awkward as it gets and Lindsey tries to focus on anything but the brooding presence sitting just a few feet away.
Ben is frustrated with himself. He walked away from Lindsey just when their relationship was getting to the point of becoming serious and he hates himself for it. Lindsey was getting into the kink when he turned tail and ran and now he can’t figure out what to do with his object of misery so close and yet so far. As he watches Lindsey and hears what she and the rest of their friends are talking about, things begin to click in place, setting this trip up to be much more than a vacation to a comic convention.
This book annoyed me at first. I’ll be honest. I hated Ben’s character and felt he was a whiny jerk who didn’t deserve Lindsey at all. In fact, I felt that way through half of the book. I like my male characters to have some maturity and Ben just didn’t. The boy did learn, however and much to my surprise and happiness, the book really took off for me. Going to a comic convention where the comic is a BDSM based theme is pretty awesome. The costume contest was even better. As the characters get into their roles and Lindsey becomes “Sub Red,” Ben sees who she is trying to become and is totally turned on. Lindsey is too, but has some reservations. Ben just doesn’t have the spark of a Dom. He knows it and so does she. So, what does any good scientist do? Research and more research. This is where things get really fun.
Rounding out the story experience, the comic convention was a riot. Author Delphine Dryden uses humor, great scene development and had me dreaming of actually going to a convention. Absolutely funny, but with some down to earth scenarios that really made the story pop-what do you do when you are pretty sure that your lover isn’t going to stick with you after the weekend? With Lindsey, this is a real problem. She gave her heart to Ben once and when things turn hot and heavy with some hot sex and a visit to a local toy shop, can she count on him to stick around long enough plan a future? She wants to trust in this newly developing Dom side of Ben’s but her head won’t let her.
This book takes a comic convention and flips it on its ear with some hot sexy BDSM scenes of the light variety, some smexier closed door moments between Ben and Lindsey that include some anal play, spanking, hot stairwell sex and more lead to a future that holds promise as Ben begins to emerge as a Dom that has what it takes to make his woman happy in the shackles.
A great read and I can’t wait to read more of this series!

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