Thursday, August 30, 2018

Book Review: 'Never Say Never' by Aimée Duffy


Never Say Never is modern fairy tale. On one side there is a hero, Sander Chase, a very popular singer who does not know what love is. The other side has Chloe Butler, a make-up artist turned waitress, whose heart has been broken in a really nasty way. They are both unprepared for a relationship, and the chances that they end up together in real life are slim, but as I said this is a contemporary fairy tale.
Never Say Never is a very sensual and emotionally packed story. The attraction between the hero and heroine is palpable. The relationship’s progress is slowly buildt up, until it reaches its HEA, which I liked a lot. What is more important it that this novel is so well written. Characters are three dimensional and lovable. I felt Sander and Chloe’s pain and happiness, and that meant a lot for me, making this story a satisfying emotional read.
Just be aware that I found some of Sander’s actions and reactions confusing to me here and there throughout the story but don’t give up, a plausible reason was provided at the end and then all became clear.
Unfortunately, I have two issues witht this story that made me rate it with 4 stars. First is predictability – I knew that at some point, one character will turn up in the story and that this character will be crucial for Sander and Chloe’s conflict resolution. The problem with predictability is that this particular situation was used and recycled in so many stories that it has became a cliché, and the story did not gain much from it. The second is the overuse of the f-word in the story. I am not a prude, but when the swearing is used in a way that does not fit the story, it really starts to bother me. In many cases Aimée Duffy could have used some other words and phrases instead, with the same end result i.e. the emotional state of the character or his/her reaction to some situation will evoked to the reader.
I liked Never Say Never foremost because the author succeeded in writing a great emotional story about two broken people who find their way to happiness. Therefore I recommend it to all of you who like HEA endings and emotional reads.

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