Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Book Review: 'Lacey and Lethal' by Laurann Dohner


Lacey wanted to get rid of as many Vampires as she could, especially since a Vampire took her sister’s life. What she didn’t count on was being attracted to the big blue eyed, dark haired Vampire she drugged, and finding out that not all Vampires are the same.
Lethal couldn’t believe that he had been taken down so easily by someone as small as Lacey. Drugged and chained by a human female no less, but the more he watched her, the more interested he became. He loves that she’s tough and can handle herself but he is also determined to get her to see that not all Vampires are like the one who murdered her sister.
Lacey and Lethal is another Laurann Dohner story where you find yourself really enjoying the characters and their interaction. I like that the character of Lacey is tough and is determined to find the vampire responsible for killing her sister no matter how many vampires she has to kill in the process. She’s not afraid to stand up to Lethal or anyone else especially the leader of her group of vampire killers.
The chemistry between these two characters was hot especially when she wanted to teach him what it felt like to be helpless and used without him having a say in the matter. Lethal saw what she was going to do and just sat back and let her have her way. It was also a pleasure to see that each character in this book, whether they were vampires, wolves or part of Lacey’s group was interesting and I found myself wishing I knew the stories behind everyone of them, even the villain.
This is not the first story I’ve read by Laurann Dohner, I was introduced to her through her New Species series which I just love. So I knew that this story would be just as enjoyable and I was right. Lacey and Lethal is a book I would recommend reading especially if you like vampires, wolves and a tough female character with a sarcastic wit.

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