Sunday, August 12, 2018

Book Review: 'I Am Kimberly Cole: A Journey into Terror' by R.G. Miller

“They made my baby evil!”

New York author R.G. Miller made his literary debut with THE TWINS and his passion for Abnormal Psychology serves him well in this very intense thriller. Now that he has concluded that trilogy he offered a second series – An Isis Williams and Annette Toni series - that is written even more tightly than the first trilogy and suggests more sophistication in scribing skills. Now he places before us a stand-alone novella I AM KIMBERLY COLE: A JOURNEY INTO TERROR and his skills prove to be secure and taut. 

As he turns the summary in our direction we read the following: ‘They say that imitation is the best form of flattery... but don't tell that to Madison Edwards and her seven year old daughter Terri. Twenty-six year old Madison Edwards has been living in and out of the homeless shelter system in New York City for the past seven years. In fact, Terri hasn't known any other life. Madison wants to change that in a desperate way, even if that means going on three job interviews a day. Then one night, Madison meets a rich party girl by the name of Kimberly Cole. The women become fast friends. Kimberly invites Madison and her daughter to move in with her. One night after a mysterious phone call, Kimberly steps out only to be found the following day floating in the East River. Fearful of returning to the miserable conditions of the homeless shelter, and having all of Kimberly Cole's personal information, Madison Edwards impersonates Kimberly Cole, and by doing so Kimberly and her daughter has into a living hell where there is no escaping.’

To appreciate the actual polish of RG’s skill, it only seems fair to offer an excerpt – a portion of the back story that kicks off this new novel: ‘Kimberly Cole sat in the first pew at the Most Holy Trinity Church in East Hampton, New York attending the funerals of her entire family, except for her brother who sat at her immediate right. Kimberly Cole’s mother, father, and two sisters died in a horrific fire. The fire inspector ruled the fire an accident; faulty wiring. Kimberly and her brother escaped with their lives. Her brother, Timothy Cole, had received third-degree burns on the upper part of his body: from his chest to his head. He was trying to save his sisters from flesh-eating flames. But his efforts fell short. Timothy could not pull his baby sisters from the small basement window. The flames licked at his head, face, and chest before one of the maintenance men that worked on his parent’s property pulled him out. Kimberly glanced at her brother. She reached over and gently touched him on the back, he flinched; Kimberly pulled her hand away. “I’m so sorry,” she whispered. Kimberly stared at the four coffins. She dabbed her eyes with a white, embroidered handkerchief. She glanced at her brother again. He was inconsolable. Timothy Cole was escorted toward a waiting limousine by his male nurse. His chauffeur held the door open. The bodies of his family were placed into two separate hearses: his mother and father in one; his two sisters in another. Kimberly tried to help her brother into the limousine. “Get your hands off me,” he said in a severe whisper. “It was you. I know what you did.”

If you think you have an ‘aha’ moment and can predict this terror novella, think again. This book may be short but it is so well crafted that it will burn its way into the reader’s psyche for a long time. R.G. Miller just gets better and better. Highly Recommended.

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