Thursday, August 16, 2018

Book Review: 'A Heat of the Moment Thing' by Maggie Le Page


Nearly drowning in the pool, bleeding everywhere, I thought for sure this book began at the end of story. Not so … it was really the beginning of a remarkable love story. Mr. Chocolate Voice himself (as Becky nicknames him) was there to save the day and Becky’s life. The author’s description of how his voice calmed her as Becky was coming back from almost drowning; how his body cradled her and warmed her; and finally how his hands caressing her arms continued to assure her everything was going to be fine, had me hooked to this story right away.
By chance or Fate, Becky’s new boss Matt is Mr. Chocolate Voice. Awkward? You bet and so begins the love story and the story of how Becky finally gets control of her life.
Matt is everything you could want in a man. However, something must be wrong if, at his age, he is still known as a one-night-stand man around the office. His relationship with Becky slowly evolves into something with promise to a future.
I really enjoyed the characters who are Becky’s best friends. They are uniquely real and human. From Jim with his off the wall humor, to Liz with her single-minded focus with work, to Dani and her somewhat selfish and sophisticated vision of life, they serve to paint the environment in which Becky survives.
The Casino Night in Dublin with all the expectations and derailed emotions was very powerful. Anyone who has been through a confrontation, misunderstanding, etc. will empathize with Becky and her inability to stand for herself. Her immediate desire to just run and disappear is very human and understandable.
This was a very enjoyable read, full of emotion and also thought provoking. It carried the theme throughout that you need to know and love yourself before you can love someone else. Becky has to come to grips with who she is and what she wants out of life, so she can stand for herself and for the man she loves.

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