Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Book Review: 'The Gifted One' by Jacob Z. Flores


The flesh is one temptation mankind has long attempted to battle, so how will Gabriel, one of God’s elite, cope when he finds himself tempted by the one he has been chosen to protect?
The ultimate battle of good versus evil has been going on even before mankind walked the earth according to many religions. One of the entities that has always been in the middle of this battle is Gabriel. Gabriel’s presence in this story is what first intrigued me. There is just something interesting about the angels and how they live their lives as well as deal with cardinal needs and wants us humans are faced with on a regular basis. I have to say that Gabriel did not disappoint, he provided me everything I had expected and more. I love the internal as well as external battle he has to deal with when he finds himself attracted to Matt. Another aspect of Gabriel’s involvement I found entertaining was how he leads not only himself, but other angels to question themselves and their beliefs. This forced me to consider some of the demons Gabriel face and ask myself was it so wrong for him to lust or love another.
While Matt’s life was a serious of misfortunate events, I feel like there was nothing about him that made him unique or stand out of a crowd, other than his involvement with the epic heavenly battle. I would have liked something that made him stand out that was not directly related to him being the gifted one. At times I found his friends more entertaining than him.
I expected the plotline in this story to be entertaining and I was not disappointed. Anytime a story has Angels and Demons I anticipate some large conflicts and battles, but this story pushed that a bit further. Gabriel even has conflicts with his fellow Angels as well as God’s wishes or what Gabriel thinks God expects from him. This really created a dynamic plotline that keep me wanting more. With the cold months coming, this story would be perfect for curling up with a warm blanket somewhere quiet and losing yourself for a while.

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