Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Book Review: 'Everything Bared' by Kristine Cayne


This is by far the hottest book in this series. This standalone novel deals with the relationship between William and Dani. Although long time acquaintances, William always thought he could never get along with Dani. The problem is that Dani is in love with him and she deflects her love by relentlessly picking on him.
Through circumstances after the earthquake, Dani ends up living in William’s apartment. They have made a deal that they will call a truce and explore friends with benefits love affair without commitment for the length of her stay, one month. This sets up the story that develops into a hot, no holds barred love affair. William agrees to experiment and Dani is delighted. She has lost a few boyfriends due to her kink – exhibitionism. Yes, she gets off by showing off to others during public sex. So far, she has found no permanent boyfriends willing to explore this side of her sex life.
William is a “stuffed shirt”. He is so wound up and repressed; I immediately figured it took someone like Dani to loosen him up. He is intrigued by Dani and agrees to follow her lead. I loved the scenes between them. They are full of life and feeling. You cannot help but cheer for Dani hoping that William will come around and recognize she is a breath of fresh air and he needs to breathe.
I enjoyed this battle of the sexes. This is a HOT erotic romance story. Once again, Kristine Cayne has written an engrossing book spotlighting human sexuality as well as giving us a well-written plot line full of suspense.

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