Friday, August 17, 2018

Book Review: 'Dragon Fever' by Elsa Jade

Oooh, I just discovered a new tortured dragon shifter hero with a story full of challenges, a race against time and some surprising twists to snare a reader’s interest and keep it. I also liked the heroine who not only proved everyone wrong by making something of herself, but cared enough for those she calls friends to go the extra mile when she suspects they’re in trouble. In fact, both Rave and Piper are willing to sacrifice themselves to a greater good out of love and loyalty. But what if they have to sacrifice each other to accomplish it? That’s one of the enticing lures that had me flipping the pages at a furious pace.
The romance between Rave and Piper starts off slow because the Ms. Jade has to world build in such a way as to engage a reader not only with the main characters but with the supporting cast that may or may not play pivotal roles in future books. Once the stage is set, then the sizzling attraction explodes, the romance begins and the mystery teases until it reaches a dramatic and suspenseful summit.
Esme and Anjali are Piper’s friends and although they do play pivotal roles in the tale, I didn’t feel empathy or a connection to them. It was surface only with enough to make a reader understand why perhaps the heroine loved them and would go to the lengths she does to find out what’s going on and to help if she could.
I enjoyed the dialogue and the descriptions of Rave’s lair. It sounded really romantic! I even enjoyed meeting the hero’s cousin, Torch. I liked his attitude. I even appreciated the conflict because it pushed the hero and heroine into making difficult choices. I suspect those choices will have a ripple effect. I say that because even though the main conflict that tried to tear Piper and Rave from each other is defeated, the overall villainous streak is still out there – it’s well funded, determined and, I believe based on some dialogue, truly evil. But who will be next in the crosshairs?
Dragon Fever is a full-bodied romance filled with love and, the best part, sexy, hunky dragons. It’s been a long time since I’ve found a paranormal dragon story that presented characters I enjoyed getting to know in a world I liked visiting. This book has it all including a fun and satisfying happy ever after for Piper and Rave.

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