Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Book Review: 'The Day to Remember' by Jessica Wood


I really enjoyed the conclusion of Emma and Brandon’s story. What seemed like insurmountable odds have been resolved.
I could not help myself while I was reading this story… I hated Desiree. Sorry, I know this is a very strong feeling … not necessarily appropriate for fictional characters, but I could not help myself. This woman was manipulative and capable of doing everything in her power to accomplish what she wanted. I had a feeling about her from book #1 that she would be this bad. I just did not know how far she was willing to go to break up Emma and Brandon’s relationship.
Emma and Brandon’s love affair is gentle, emotional, sensitive, and yes…the type that romance novels are made of. I am glad Brandon hung in there as well as Emma. Great story, great read, very enjoyable!

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