Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Book Review: 'Cats and Cowboys' by Ruth J. Hartman


A good looking cowboy is indeed, as promised, featured in Ruth J Hartman’s Cats and Cowboys. He’s tall and handsome, and weathered to where he looks exactly as we readers imagine him. And, exactly like main character Lanna Kirby, we fall in love with him instantly. What a perfect leading man… for about two seconds. Then Jackson suddenly isn’t quite so perfect and things go rather downhill from there. In fact, they head toward a right personal sort of skirmish if you can believe it – but its Texas and cowboys will be cowboys.
The Postmistress’s moody, roly-poly cat Gordon has as much personality (and aversion to dieting) as any human person. The local small-town folk seem a little out of their depth with a crazy cat lady taking over the PO, but take over she does; she and the cat. Gordon doesn’t take a shine to everyone, and no matter where we imagine this potential romance heading, he might just be hissing it off in another direction. These orange varmints will make their wishes known.
Hartman’s Cats and Cowboys is funny and charming. Any romance fan will enjoy, but cat-lovers will be especially tickled.

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