Thursday, August 30, 2018

Book Review: 'Beautiful Crazy' by Kasey Lane

Kevan Landry and Mason Dillon are complete opposites. Kevan is full of tattoos and dressed in vintage clothes. She runs a small fledgling marketing firm, she has no money, her brother is an addict and she comes from a dysfunctional family. Mason on the other hand, is all business and money. He has no tattoo, he is dressed in business suits, he works for huge PR firm and he is loaded. His family might not be full of love and affection but it is far from dysfunctional. But Kevan and Mason have one thing that bring them together; they want to sign a contract with the same band. In order to get a band they have to spend time together on the tour. The only problem with them being together on the tour is that they are enemies who like one another a lot.
I absolutely loved this book. Everything in it is perfect; characters, plot, relationship between Kevan and Mason, everything. Although it is the first book in the series it focuses solely on the relationship between Kevan and Mason without trying to make introduction into a series. The characters are three-dimensional and it was so easy to fall in love with them. Kevan is a tough girl on the outside, but so fragile on the inside. She is a fighter and I rooted for her through the whole story. Mason is typical alpha, but while he goes for what he wants, he is also so gentle toward Kevan. The relationship between two of them is emotional from the very beginning. It is so obvious that they are head over heels in love with each other from the start. Only, it took them quite some time to realize that. The plot is also amazing; Kevan’s and Mason’s relationship is put in the context of the music world, business deals, promotions and life on the road.
If you are looking for a highly emotional and intense contemporary romance Beautiful Crazy is a perfect story. Read it; it is absolutely amazing!

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