Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Book Review: 'Another Five Minutes' by Destiny Booze

Virginia author Destiny Booze attended Virginia Western Community College for two years. Her writing career began as a community journalist, yet creative writing was always her passion. She believes she has the power to make her dreams come true. Through faith and a positive attitude, ‘I want to believe in the basic good of the world. Writing is my calling and passion. It is my dream.’ ANOTHER FIVE MINUTES is her sixth novel.

Destiny writes romantic suspense novels, and her concepts for stories are enhanced by the out of the ordinary characters she carves. In order to clarify the characteristics of her lead player she opens with a Prologue that shares the childhood and the reason for the chosen title – ‘Brooke Hartley sat in front of a pile of toys. It was not playtime. Just five more minutes. At three years old, Brooke lived most moments of her life in five-minute intervals. To cope. To manage. To survive. It was too overwhelming to think about life in terms of hours, days, weeks, or especially years. Maybe life wouldn’t last that long. Maybe she wouldn’t want it to. Those concepts were too complicated at age three. Instead, she concentrated on getting through five minutes of life at a time. She was too young to be able to show five minutes on a clock, but she understood that time length. Five minutes was the time between her and her sister’s births. It was a vaginal delivery. Later she learned most twins are born farther apart. The doctor joked she didn’t want to be alone without her sister, Autumn. Five minutes after she was born, the doctors realized something was wrong. They didn’t confirm the problem right away, but the announcement was made before she left the hospital. She was deaf. Maybe it was a birth defect. Maybe the problem was caused by all the beatings Dad gave Mom while she was inside the womb. Was the damage operable? Could they repair it? Brooke’s parents quickly declined any further testing to determine those answers. Five minutes was how long Dad hit Mom to put her in the hospital after Brooke and Autumn came home as newborns. The beating was bad enough that Dad went to jail, but he wasn’t gone long. Living with him was a lesson in avoidance. It never took him long to lose his temper; that was for sure. At a young age, Brooke and Autumn learned to hide when Dad was home.’

Having created a deaf heroine whose live is lived in 5 minute intervals makes for a fascinating device for a romance. But Destiny does just that as we learn from her plot synopsis – ‘Loving him is easy. Fearing him is necessary. Trusting him could be a deadly mistake. Born deaf and living with an anxiety disorder, Brooke Hartley manages life in five-minute intervals. It’s all she can do to get out of bed each morning. She’s hidden inside her sister’s apartment for over a year. Everything changes when Brooke’s sister goes missing. Her fragile world crashes. She is desperate to find her, and she’ll need help. Haunted by a past he needs to forget, Scott Derrico keeps to himself until his gallery manager, Autumn Hartley, suddenly disappears. He is forced out of his isolation to help a woman that needs him with a terrifying intensity. Scott tries to deny his attraction to Brooke. He doesn’t want to get emotionally involved but he craves her like nothing else. And, for her, he is a dark and sexy diversion to overcome her fear. With a genuinely flawed and relatable heroine and a mysterious and protective hero, you won’t want this love story to end. You’ll beg…for another five minutes…’

This is a stunningly original novel, well written and tense enough to satisfy the most finicky suspense story lovers. Highly recommended. Grady Harp, August 18
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