Monday, July 16, 2018

Book Review: 'Working It All Out' by Dena Garson


Angie finds herself doing some personal training in preparation for a corporate run. Noel Coffield is her sexy, young trainer. Far from moaning about how exhausted she is, Angie finds herself imagining herself and Noel in a variety of hot situations and positions, and her fantasies are only getting more distracting. Noel, for his part certainly doesn’t seem opposed to a little extracurricular activity himself.
Smoking hot and quite the fantasy, I really enjoyed this short story. More than once I’ve had the gym-trainer fantasy and this certainly lives up to the expectation. With lots of chemistry and build up and a really powerful climax this quick read ticks many of the boxes. While I enjoyed the author’s style, the fact the story is written in the first-person threw me out of the fantasy a few times and I would have enjoyed getting to know Noel a bit better. He clearly wasn’t a two dimensional character, but only seeing and hearing about him through the heroine’s eyes and thoughts means I finished the book feeling like I didn’t know much about him, or his likes/dislikes/thoughts and feelings. Still, I liked reading about a slightly older heroine and it helped give this popular fantasy a different and fresh edge to it.
Short and certainly not “sweet” (in an awesome way), this is a great, quick read when you just want something fast and naughty. I like the author’s style and there’s plenty of sexy description and a brilliant, explicit lovemaking scene. A wonderful read when you’re in a rush or want to set the mood for a heated evening.

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