Thursday, July 5, 2018

Book Review: 'What You Do To Me' by Sloan Parker


Angst and a forever that should happen.
I’m new to the work of Sloan Parker. Yes, this is my first but it won’t be my last. What You Do to Me is the epilogue to Breathe and reading the first book would help in understanding these characters. But honestly, Parker did a great job of making me care about them, even when I didn’t know them well.
The writing is solid and flows well. I needed to see what would happen in his slice-of-life story. I thought about Linc and Jay long after I’d closed the short story. I didn’t need all the details, but they’d have been nice.
Parker neatly wraps the package of Breathe up in this short story. My emotions while reading ran the gamut. I rooted for things to be what Jay and Linc wanted and hoped I’d see more of them.
Definitely a worthy read.

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