Monday, July 9, 2018

Book Review: 'Weathering the Wicked (Chronicles of Folklaria Book 1)' by C. Penticoff

Pacific Northwest author C Penticoff is the founder of A Novel Connection, a teaching service to inspire other authors to chase their dreams and to reach their full potential. She practices what she teaches in that she has published three books FOLKLARIA AND THE WICKED SORCERER, THE WICKED TRUTH: VILLAINS SPEAK OT, and this delightful young adult fantasy WEATHERING THE WICKED.

In her previous ‘first volume’ of the Folklaria series she defined the series title for us – ‘Nine thousand years ago in Folklaria, a spiritual land filled with magic and wonder, a prophecy was set forth to restore peace after a gargantuan force took over with wicked energy. The Chronicles of Folklaria is the story of this prophecy.’

Young Adult epic fantasies are very much back in favor with readers, thanks to the films and television series (Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, et al) and it appears as though Penticoff’s Folklaria is worthy of climbing into that realm. Part of the reason for the success of her book is than manner in which she makes the real characters so well sculpted, so easy to know. This is evident in the manner in which she pries open her story with a bit of solid reality: ‘June was tired of Fay pressing her to visit “His House”. After quitting the job that was finally giving June stability for once, the last thing that the emotionally exhausted young woman wanted to talk about was going to church. June was sure that Fay’s intention was genuine, but her lack of attention to June’s obvious indifference to that lifestyle was so frustrating to her that June wanted to avoid Fay at times. Actually, June had tuned Fay out for the last minute or so. They were parked in front of her house and June was holding onto the door handle, ready to snatch the first opportunity she had to flee. As Fay harped about June needing to accept Him into her life, she noticed something very peculiar. Perched on their fence was a bat facing her twin sister’s bedroom. A bat was not uncommon for Camas, Washington, but this particular one was the size of a crow. The size was not the only alarming thing that June noticed, but she swore this bat was looking into her twin sister’s room as if it was watching her. The creature spun its head around to reveal glistening purple eyes so bright that they lit up the branch dangling over its head. When the bat whisked away, it left a faint trail of purple dust. June blinked several times. The startled young woman figured that her eyes had to have been playing tricks on her. “June, are you even listening?” Fay asked. June snapped out of it. “Did you see that?” “See what?” “It was a bat…” “So?” “Never mind. Fay, I love you, but I really gotta jet. It’s been a weird day.” “I love you too. Keep your head up. I’ll be back later after I bust some homework out,” Fay assured June. “Thanks for the ride!” June shouted back to Fay as she zoomed to the front door to avoid the pouring rain…’

The plot – as follows – ‘How far would you go to rescue someone you love? Would you travel to a magic and spiritually enlightening land that would instantly change the course of your life? If traveling to another realm wasn’t troublesome enough, befriending a fairy, developing feelings for Ryder, and facing off with a wicked sorcerer was enough to send June’s reality into a hazy mess. From the ashes of mortal humanity rises a young female savior to take on the wicked forces of Folklaria. With the odds stacked against her, can June conquer her fears and uncertainties to rescue, not only her sister, but an entire land riddled with wicked magic?’

Solid work and a fine opener for a very promising series. Welcome to the table, C. Penticoff. Grady Harp, July 18

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