Saturday, June 30, 2018

Book Review: 'The Trouble with Christmas' by Debbie Mason


Madison Lane is an accountant that can analyze whether a development will pay off. She doesn’t do pie-in-the-sky projects and there must be sustaining revenue right up front. Developing the small town of Christmas is not cost-effective and she vetoes the idea. Her boss sends her to the town to explain why. She worried about leaving his nephew behind since he is trying to take her job away from her. She should have worried more about the residents of Christmas…
This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I’m very impressed by her character development, sense of humor and plotting. This story makes sense and has a cute romance between Madison and the sheriff intertwined with the nephew’s plan to own the town.
If you enjoy tough old women and silly old men, this is a story for you. Madison comes into town driving a rental rig on ice, tries to avoid hitting a deer and manages to knock over their big Santa sign welcoming people to town. They’ve already named her the “Grinch Who Killed Christmas” and now she’s telling them she killed Santa because she was trying to avoid hitting Rudolph. With humor like this, how can you not laugh?
The story is filled with ridiculous plots and an extended stay for Madison in this small town she hates. The longer she stays, the more the people touch her heart. The nephew may have evil intentions, but she doesn’t.
If you’ve ever worked on a big project, it’s not unusual for the people who are opposed to change their minds about midway through the discussion. Sometimes the presenter does the same thing. The author uses that concept to take those who hated Madison from the beginning and changing them into becoming her supporters. The ending is particularly gratifying.
Ms. Mason wraps this book up as if it were a very prettily wrapped package. Why not open the pages and have a Christmas present early?

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