Sunday, July 22, 2018

Book Review: 'Tempting the Cowboy' by Elizabeth Otto


It takes a lot of inner strength and courage to pick yourself up after you hit rock bottom. We have Rylan, a strong woman, momentarily brought down by the loss of her daughter. All the guilt feelings do not allow her inner strength to help her deal with her emotions. The best advice anyone has given is to “just let life happen.”
I could relate to her sense of loss. The author gives us an insight into Rylan’s psyche through her writing and so we are deeply involved in Rylan’s thoughts and feelings. As she slowly begins to come to life again, we also catch glimpses of how much she needs to love someone and have someone reciprocate. She has been so closed off for so long too that it resembles the awakening of a soul after years in a coma.
Cole’s character is every romance reader’s hero come true. I loved that he is so committed to his daughter. She is the most important person in his life in addition to his mother and his brothers. He is starving to have a family complete with a wife, but after being burned by his ex-wife, he has also closed his emotions off and refuses to let his feelings for Rylan grow.
This is a wonderful story of struggle for courage and understanding. It teaches us patience and compassion while weaving a passionate love story between our characters. Definitely recommended!

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