Monday, July 30, 2018

Book Review: 'A Taste of Your Own Magic (Agents of A.S.S.E.T. Book 2)' by Katie Salidas

Las Vegas author Katie Salidas whose works blend genre styles. She is equally at home with paranormal themes as she is with kinky and naughty romance (though the latter is written using her nom de plume Rozlyn Sparks. Katie is the host of the Indie Youtube Talkshow, Spilling Ink, nerd, Doctor Who fangirl, Las Vegas Native, and SuperMom. She is a USA Today bestselling author.

Katie continues her new series with heroine Sage Cynwrig who is so well sculpted that she likely will be around for a full series of books celebrating pop culture, fantasy, and intrigue all mixed well with Katie’s blend of humor. She places an emblem at book’s opening that describes the A.S.S.E.T of the series – ‘The world is full of magical creatures and artifacts. The Anonymous Supernatural Security and Elimination Taskforce is on the front line, maintaining the balance of power, ensuring humans remain safely oblivious to the dangerous magic around them.

The flavor of her writing is again is enthralling as in the opening lines – ‘Game night was supposed to be fun. Unfortunately, no one sitting around the small table in her kitchen had gotten that memo. Rage simmered below the congenial smiles, passing like an infectious disease with the rotation of the dice. Barely nine o’clock, and all the temper tantrums and interruptions had worn Sage’s nerves as thin as the cards she held in her hand. Dice clattered against wood. Mournful howls followed. Another defeat. Outside her tiny kitchen window, silence beckoned; still and calm. Not even a breeze dared disturb the sleeping trees. A picture perfect summer evening, just beyond her reach; peace that sharply contrasted with the raised voices and empty threats flying around the room where Sage sat waiting for her turn to enter the fray. “You’re stunned for two rounds, Matt,” Josh called from behind his Game Master’s divider. “Or wait. Hold on a moment. Do you remember the number on the red die?” It shouldn’t take a degree in calculus to figure out if a player failed an attempted attack, but this wasn’t their normal dungeon crawl. Julie had already scooped up the dice to take her turn, a blessing in disguise that prevented any further argument over what number the die had landed on. “Forget it. I’m stunned. Let’s just keep going.” Matt’s tone carried a raw edge that failed to mask the annoyance he’d been desperate to hide. He was more than partially to blame for subjecting them all to this hellish fantasy land. His boyfriend Josh had command of their fate as Game Master. Matt could have taken one for the team and said no when Josh demanded they all play his new game. But love makes people do stupid things.’

The synopsis guides us through the plot line - ‘Just when gamer girl and newly minted ASSET agent Sage Cynwrig thought she was getting the hang of this whole magic thing, a smooth-talking Djinn moves in next door. And he's got more on his mind than making her wishes come true. He'll have to take a number. Between her sharp-tongued partner, the machete wielding mercenary, Grey and Zack the flirtatious vampire for hire, Sage has enough magical men making her life hell. And then there's the new job. It's all hands on deck at ASSET. Magical creatures are disappearing from the Las Vegas Strip. Rumor has it, the missing creatures are ingredients in a dark magic recipe. Someone's attempting to recreate the lost Amulet of Emmuri, and gain power to rival the gods. Because of course Sage's first official assignment as an agent would require her to, you know, save the world! To accomplish that, however, she'll have to cross enemy lines and break the very magical laws she just swore to uphold.’

So Katie succeeds in keeping her series fascinating enough that it will most assuredly find a devoted audience. Grady Harp, July 18

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book

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