Sunday, July 22, 2018

Book Review: 'Rock Steady' by Rose Wulf


How much guilt can one man bear alone?
Logan is not a violent man. He is very conscious of his strength and the responsibility that comes with having the power to literally move mountains. I admire Logan’s modesty. It would be easy for him to flaunt his size and strength over others, but that is definitely not his style. He is truly a gentle giant and I’ve been looking forward to learning more about him ever since I started reading Ms. Wulf’s Elemental Series.
In the previous book, Blown Away, Logan was forced to strike out at an enemy who eventually died from injuries sustained in battle. That death weighs heavily on Logan’s conscience. The fact that he acted in self defense doesn’t make the death any easier to bear. Now his nights are plagued with memories of another loss from his past, a fatality he thinks he could have prevented. Seeking revenge, Logan’s enemies are targeting anyone he cares about, including Clare, the woman he’s always admired from a distance. Clare believes that she and Logan can have a future, but she’s have a hard time convincing Logan. Will Logan open his heart to Clare, or shut her out forever?
When I started reading Rock Steady, I knew Logan was the strong, silent type. I didn’t expect to discover that he is also extremely stubborn. I’m amazed at how much time he spent brooding and blaming himself for events that were very clearly beyond his control. Both Clare and Logan’s brothers tried many times to get him to see reason, but Logan seemed determined wallow in his supposed guilt. I understand that the things Logan has seen and done are very difficult, and I truly feel sorry for him. However, I must admit that after a while I became frustrated with his stubborn refusal to listen to logic.
Logan and Clare make a very cute couple, but I would have liked to see them interact more in this book. It is very clear from the start that they already have feelings for each other. However, they didn’t actually spend very much time together. Logan spends too much time brooding in isolation, and Clare isn’t much better. When she finds herself backed into a corner, she also seems to shut down. I am so relieved that they finally decided to be open with each other. Physically, Clare couldn’t be more different from Logan. Clare reminded me a bit of a delicate butterfly flitting around from place to place, and Logan can literally become rock. However, their hearts are perfectly paired. Their warm and caring personalities make it very easy to picture them together.
Ms. Wulf’s Elemental series continues to delight me. Logan and Clare are very sweet and it is easy to cheer for them in their struggle against their lightening powered enemy. Fans of paranormal romance and happy endings would do well to give Rock Steady, as well as the previous books in the series, a try.

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