Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Book Review: 'Raising A Strong Daughter: What Fathers Should Know' by Finlay Gow and Kailin Gow

California author Kailin Gow is lawyer who holds a Masters Degree in Communications Management from USC and Drama/Film and Social Ecology Degrees from UC Irvine. She is a woman of many accomplishments and talents - an internationally recognized multi-award-winning USA bestselling author and woman director/filmmaker who has written and published over 400 books as well as screenplays. Prior to becoming a full-time author and filmmaker, she worked as an Exec in charge of Legal and Production at Walt Disney Company, a writer/producer for Cable Television, an Exec at high tech start ups, and Exec at Fortune 100 Hotel and Travel Corporations where she has managed and trained hundreds of employees on world-class service and operations. She has also been a professional model, a tour director, journalist, re-organization consultant, a secret mystery shopper/consultant for top brands, and professional speaker who has been an invited speaker at Book Expo America, Girl Scouts, and Asian America Heritage Week, among others. As is evident with this book RAISING A STRONG DAUGHTER, co-authored with her husband Finlay Gow, JD, an Employment/HR and Corporate Attorney who has worked on Harassment cases, is a father of a strong daughter, and has a woman General as an ancestor, her books are inspiring stories of strong girls and women to help motivate her many girl and women readers. With the birth of her daughter with ASD and her mother's cancer, Kailin Gow was personally challenged to stay strong through adversity, turning her personal life's adversities into an inspiration and drive to write empowering books and stories for girls and women of all ages.

The direction of this short but pungent book is stated in the Introduction – ‘There are many books about parenting for women, but few books for men, when it comes to raising daughters. Yet there is a need for parents to help girls navigate through today’s changing environment where women are now more active in all aspects of society and have assume roles other than the traditional roles for women in the past whether due to necessity or choice. With women now assuming roles in politics, business, education, science and technology, arts, and even military; men’s roles are changing as well. Raising children, especially daughters, in today’s world can be assumed by both parents, mothers, and fathers. But when it comes to raising daughters, especially strong daughters, who will grow up to be strong women; fathers can and do play a very important role in their development and growth. Girls not only look to their mothers as role models of strength, but also their fathers. Men play an important role in helping the women and girls in their lives be empowered to be strong people who can pull their share of responsibilities, bring home the bacon (so to speak), take over the family business, and assume leadership positions.’

Beginning with the history of strong men raising strong women (from ancient Israel, Greece, Rome, and Egypt), the authors focus on the following subjects – Building Self-Esteem, Raising Her to Think For Herself, Raising Her to Be Resourceful, Raising Her to Be Independent, Raising Her to handle harassment, Raising Her to Know How to Fight, Raising Her to be a tougher target to would be attackers, and Raising Her how to handle safety in different situations.

The writing is strong, the ideas well addressed and the importance for parents to read, study and learn is a major contribution to the welfare of our society is obvious. Excellent! Grady Harp, July 18

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