Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Book Review: 'Pleasing the Doctor' by Sami Lee


It takes a lot of courage and determination for a woman like Alice to allow her friends to set her up with blind dates. Just like all the dates before, she is stuck with a “dud” for a date and looking for a way out as soon as possible. Our author uses this situation to insert a little mischief and provides an amusing situation to get rid of the “dud” and provide a suitable love interest for a one-night-stand.
I commiserated with Alice as she goes along with the “ruse” and decides to take a chance with Damien. I was also nervous for her since she had never done anything like this. By pushing herself, she is able to find out more about her libido than she ever knew. This is all very confusing considering she never saw herself as a submissive or believed she would enjoy any aspect of the BDSM lifestyle.
This one-night-stand changes Alice’s outlook on sex and her body. Damien has provided her with an angle to her libido she had never considered. One misconception of the Dom/sub relationship is that most people think the sub has not power. In a true Dom/sub relationship, the sub submits to the Dom in order to experience complete pleasure. A real Dom never treats the sub to pain that is beyond the pre-established limits. Alice comes to realize that through this empowerment she can flower and explore her libido freely. In addition, Damien is willing to share the power with her so she can also be in control and they can switch back and forth.
The realization that life is to be lived to the fullest without fear convinces Alice to call Damien after their one-night-stand. She is opening the door to Damien so they can explore a relationship they will both find satisfying.
Wish this story had been a little bit longer… I really enjoyed it!

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