Sunday, July 29, 2018

Book Review: 'The Partner Track' by Helen Wan


A life according to plan – right up until the corporate sabotage that is. The Partner Track focuses on Ingrid Yung, an ambitious young lawyer with firm goals and highly professional skill. She’s on her way to a partnership… or she thinks she is. She’s sure Parsons Valentine & Hunt LLP is a fantastic firm to work for. She does her time, pays her dues. Friendships and family come a distant second; she’s even being careful of who she dates. However, when it comes right down to it, will she make partner?
We do wonder if this is one of those old-boy corporations where the glass ceiling is practically invisible, but oh-so-there. The firm is a bit stereotypical, but believable. If Ingrid navigates her way to the top carefully, it would be fair to say the firm treats her a bit carefully, too. And the true bad guy is a bit of a sleeper; he’ll surprise you. He sure blindsides Ingrid.
Corporate politics aren’t really the center of this story- Ingrid trying to get a fair shake and getting even are what will hold the reader enthralled. Wan’s is an un-intrusive writing style notable for believable conversations and for every thought or incident moving the plot forward.
The story is gripping and I read this in one sitting: slick and engaging, do add to your reading list.

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