Friday, July 27, 2018

Book Review: 'No One’s Angel' by Kelly Walker


If your life is in peril, who would you turn to? What if you cannot turn to family because that will place them in the path of danger? You know you are in this predicament through your own bad decisions…how do take responsibility for your actions, keep those you love and yourself safe?
I read a lot of books… very few become “best ever books”. This is one of those.
I have been thinking about what makes it so special for me and I think it is a combination of factors.
First, this is a wonderful romantic story. Arion and Angel (as they have nicknamed each other) are kindred spirits. They have bonded in a spiritual level before even meeting. Their online gaming has elicited a closeness and friendship rarely experienced.
Second, it is the thrill and suspense of the underlying plot line. Angel is running away and running to the only person she can trust. She is scared and destitute. When she decided to run and hide, she had no opportunity to gather her belongings and she had to steal money to pay her fare.
Thirdly, it is the writing. This is a well-written book, with great exposition and character analysis. Using both points of views (Arion and Angel) the author provides us with unique insight into their feelings and character traits.
I am grateful that this author’s next book will continue to broaden the story to encompass other characters from this book. I cannot wait to find out what happens to these secondary characters.

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