Sunday, July 15, 2018

Book Review: 'My Best Friend's Little Sister: A Bad Boy Romance' by Lauren Wood

Lauren Wood is a new author who has already published twenty four books to date! Her genre is racy naughty chick lit and in that realm she excels. Her alpha males are strong enough to make the hard decision in life but sweet enough to melt for his mate.

Lauren’s casual manner of introducing her characters is evident from the opening pages - “Your sister is going to be back in town tonight. I was really hoping that you would stay around until then at least Charlie.” “I don’t know if I can. Work has been hectic and I need to get back into the city.” My mom looked at me like she didn’t believe me or didn’t think that it was important enough to blow off what she was asking. It wasn’t work that was going to hold me up. It was the fact that I had other things to do. It wasn’t the 9 to 5 job that kept me busy, but the one that I did on my own time that she didn’t know about that was giving me so much grief. The one that she wasn’t supposed to know about, but always suspected something when her gift cost a bit too much during the holidays. I was still trying to keep her in the dark about work, so it was never a good idea to try and use it as my excuse. “You are going to have to make time for Sherry. I haven’t seen her all year and it would be nice to have both of my kids back in one place. You know that she is never here long. Don’t you miss your sister?” Here comes the guilt and I knew I was going to be lost in it if I didn’t find some reason quickly why I couldn’t come. “I do miss her, but she is going to be back for a while I though. Isn’t she taking off a little time before she goes back? Besides, I was supposed to meet Rex later.” “Well tell him to come over. I haven’t seen him in a while either. I never see you since you moved to the city. I hope that Sherry doesn’t do the same thing. You guys go off to college and don’t come back. You are supposed to come home after you get your degree.” “I had to go where the money was. No one around here wants to pay anything, so unless you want me pumping gas at the station, there isn’t anything for me here.”

And as Lauren unfolds another fun erotic story about another Bad Boy – ‘My brother’s best friend was sexy as hell and now I was finally getting noticed. I was back in town after finishing up my degree and I ran into Rex. He was the man that I had dreamed about when I was a teen and he had never given me the time of day. Now he was seeing me and once I had his attention, I wasn’t going to let it go. There had always been something about Rex, but now I knew what it was. Watching him in action was all it took to make me realize what it was I really wanted. I wanted to be the girl that made him beg for more. I wanted to be his girl.

Fun, naughty, erotic and a fine evening's read. And as a bonus she adds ‘Christmas Present’ and ‘Be My Daddy’! Grady Harp, June 18

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