Thursday, July 5, 2018

Book Review: 'Mr. Right Now' by Kristina Knight


Dumped by her boyfriend, humiliated in the press, lonely and afraid, Casey is at the end of her rope. Taking this cruise through the Caribbean should be just what the doctor ordered so she can relax. What ensues is anything but relaxing.
I need to warn you that you need a little suspension of disbelief when reading this novel, after all this is not reality but a romance novel. Having said that, this story is fast moving, entertaining, and full of emotions of all kinds.
Mason is a “book boyfriend” worth remembering. He is handsome, well built, intelligent, and most of all, kind. He and Casey could be said to have been struck by the “thunderbolt”. From the moment they meet, the chemistry between them cannot be denied. Casey is alarmed by how attracted she is to this stranger. She is unable to keep her clothes on and her hands to herself when she is alone with him. Mason is no less affected. He is driven to her and is unable to stop himself.
The plot evolves as misinformation, lies, and coincidence contributes to a “comedy of errors”. In an age where finding Mr. Right is sometimes impossible, finding Mr. Right Now provides a means to finding sexual release without commitment… or is it? Sometimes finding Mr. Right is just a cruise ship away!

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