Monday, July 9, 2018

Book Review: 'Moon Promise' by Carmen Fox

British author Carmen Fox has published eight novels to date – stories she labels as being about ‘smart women with sassitude and guys with an edge.’ MOON PROMISE, her latest work, falls into the paranormal genre of werewolves and shifters.

One of the several aspects that keeps Carmen’s book entertaining is the manner in which she mixes a keen sense of humor with otherwise dire situations. ‘All things considered, I was in no particular hurry to meet the Wild Pack’s alpha. Not by accident had it been a long time since I’d come face to face with other werewolves. Six years ago, the power plays within my father’s Boroughs Pack had sent me fleeing to Chicago, Illinois, home of The Bean, the Sears Tower and the jibarito sandwich. Would Marlontown wolves be different, or was I headed into more of the same drama?’ Casal, matter of fact conversations and thoughts make the shapeshifter theme alive.

The direction of story follows - ‘All her life, Kensi has dreamed of being an alpha werewolf. The trouble is, she can’t shift. And she’s tried everything: meditation, mind-expanding drugs, even squeezing real hard. Her plan B? Offering her talents as a private eye to the Wild Pack. If she can locate their missing werewolf, they’re bound to support her claim to lead. Dominant, stubborn and searing hot Drake is assigned to be her guide, and he’s just too damn good at his job. His hard chest bumps into her as he stalks her every move, while his mercury eyes watch her all the time, tearing down her defenses bit by bit. Maybe she got it wrong and being an alpha isn’t the only thing she wants. But when the missing girl turns up dead, Drake’s story unravels. Putting her ambitions on the line, Kensi sets out to prove whether the man she loves is as innocent as she hopes—or as guilty as she fears..’

Werewolves, shifting, crime and a lot of erotica make his a successful novel for the Chick Lit fans – one of the largest book buying contingencies on the Internet. Carmen Fox is obviously talented and can keep her readers entertained at all parts of the spectrum! Grady Harp, July 18

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