Monday, July 23, 2018

Book Review: 'Mine to Keep' by Cynthia Eden


After battling a stalker that almost took your life, wouldn’t you have nightmares? I would. Our book #2 begins while Skye and Trace are vacationing for a few days in order to regroup their emotions and heal after their near death experience.
Trace is the absolute alpha male. It is the only way he knows to deal with his fear of losing control of his life. He cannot lose Skye. His attitude is so smothering; it is a miracle Skye has not sent him on his way alone.
In this second book in the series, Trace’s past comes to haunt him and Skye. His military career in Black Ops dealing with missions that could not even be whispered about is full of enemies and death. He has been reluctant to tell Skye because of his fear that she would be abhor what he has had to do to survive and leave him. The secrets he continues to harbor add to the tension between the two lovers as they try to connect and decide where to next.
Murder surrounds them, as members of Trace’s old Black Ops Group begin to die at the hand of a slick murderer. Attempts against Trace and Skye’s lives are foiled, leaving the couple in a constant state of fear as they struggle to deal with the necessities of everyday life.
When the final encounter finally comes, you will be on the edge of your seat shouting at this book trying to save the lives of the characters that by now have become endearing and as close friends.

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