Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Book Review: 'The Marriage Market' by Cathy Spencer


This book begins in Regency Portsmouth where a mother tells her husband the family must move so her daughters will have more than navy officers as potential husbands. I like the Admiral, typical old sea dog. Needless to say, his wife gets her way and they move to Bath.
The main character is Victoria the eldest daughter. When Victoria finds her own happiness, she is determined to see everyone around her achieve the same state of bliss. The hardest challenge is her husband’s best friend James Wovington. It doesn’t help that Wovington is in love with Victoria, but she is out of reach due to her marriage. Several other characters pop up throughout the book, usually as potential love interests for James.
This is a pleasant book with an entertaining plot, but I would have liked it better had the author shown me what was happening instead of telling me this or that had occurred. Telling the story in this manner did not draw me into the depths of the book, it made me feel I looked in from the outside rather than actually being there with the characters.
There were one or two gripping moments spread through the book, and these made me want to carry on to find more. Pleasant reading and a good way to spend an afternoon.

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