Sunday, July 8, 2018

Book Review: 'The Magnet : The Way to Fulfill Your Dreams' by Oriella Paz-Maureen

Israeli author Oriella Paz-Maureen is a spiritual mentor, founder of the Omega Method – a method that was established throughout many years of self-exploration and practice with audiences during training courses seminars she taught. Since 1999, she has certified many tutors, therapists, and trainers who have been using the Omega Method in their practices ever since. She left a promising and rewarding career as head of advertising in a leading global real estate corporation in order to spread the light of Omega to the world. Her book THE MAGNET has been translated from the original Hebrew to English by Ami Rosen.

In her Introduction she shares the background and meaning of the book and her mission: ‘My strongest motivating force is my will to help others, here and around the world, to bring change. I have a deep desire to start a turnaround that will allow each and all of us to fulfill our greatest dreams, as one united human fabric. I know it is attainable and I believe it is possible! My own life story is proof of that, as are the stories of thousands of students and dear people I have the privilege to guide and walk along through the path of magnetic attraction and fulfillment. Happiness, an inspired term which sometimes seems out of reach, is actually a natural born right of us all, and the path to happiness passes through the strong bond we make with our soul. Our soul knows what our higher calling is, what our goal is and the potential for which we came to this world. But over the years, most of us have drifted away from the contact we had with our souls, and we have lost track of our internal compass to happiness. Reconnecting ourselves by using “The Magnet” - by working on our four levels- energetic, mental, emotional, physical- would lead us to generate powerful magnetic fields which would help us reach fulfillment. “The Magnet” is a part of the magnetic attraction technique I inspire, which in itself is a part of the “Omega” method I have come to develop over the years. This method is made special by the fact that it integrates work on four levels (depicted in this book), especially when using energy elements and structures which are unique to this method, connecting to magnetic energy. This connection is made using a powerful process with guided imagination at a high magnetic energy level, and by learning the unique techniques of the “Omega” method. I see it as a calling and a great privilege to spread this knowledge, and I truly believe that as we gather more people onto this road, the better our world will be. My book includes tools to create a reality which will win over any imagination, as well as exciting stories of people who have managed to create the reality they wanted for themselves. Some of these stories are true miracles. And these miracles have a natural part of my students’ and my own life. I would assume you have reached my book because you have a deep desire to create miracles in your life, to discover your great dream and achieve it, and by that to influence your surrounding and bring on a welcome change. To create this reality, I invite you to read and embrace the wisdom and processes I bring in this book, step by step. I am excited by this privilege given to me, to illuminate the road for many people on their way to fulfillment. To this day I have the joy of giving courses, workshops, one-on-one sessions through popular media, and now through this book. This excites me every single day, as I am filled with eternal happiness and this is the motor powering my life. I know this book will make happiness an integral part of your life. It will connect you to your destiny and dreams, it will become your heart and inspiration and your way to fulfillment. I bless you for this first step already taken, for your choice to open up and to create the ability to bring significant change in your life—here and now. I invite you to go on and get on a higher path in your life—a path of light, blessings, enrichment, and fulfillment. It is in your hands, and it is possible! May your road be blessed! ‘

While much could be written about the content of this journey, that journey with Oriella is best an accompanied one with the author. By sharing her life experiences and developing the Omega method the reader will grow to a much higher level of being. Grady Harp, July 18

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