Saturday, July 21, 2018

Book Review: 'Last-Call Limbo: A Cosmical Pub Tale' by Jameson Tucker

Midwestern author/artist Jameson Tucker has a polished keen wit that makes his various books a delight to read. To date his books include THE ZOMBIE SHUFFLE, NICK SLICK, PRIVATE DICK: A TWISTED TALE OF SMOKIN' HOT ZOMBIE NOIR GONE MAD, THE SEX-PUPPETS OF POOPERVILLE, and of course this bit of whimsy – THE COSMIC PUB TALE of which this is Book 2, LAST-CALL LIMBO.

The whimsy and sarcasm of his witty prose is evident in a section that follows – ‘"Tell me you're not serious," Zack said skeptically over his beer, the first morning-after-the-party, hair-of-the-dog libation of the day. He grimly shook his head a little for full effect. "A trailer park, seriously?" They were sitting outside on the front porch on a beautiful early-September morning, the first hints of cooler things to come seemingly lingering in the air like a song, a few random, carefully selected leaves already starting to turn on the nearby trees. It was the kind of intoxicating pre-autumn day that always seemed to nudge Zack into a hopelessly romantic-feeling mood, or a mischievous one at the very least, though the alcohol was probably in all likelihood helping a little on that point, as well. "Got the papers already signed and everything," Andy announced proudly over his own already-semi-emptied beer, "done deal." Sitting next to him, his cousin Dougie just grimly shook his head to himself. "Y'know, when Dougie said you were moving back here," Zack continued blithely and teasingly on, "I assumed he meant you were moving into a house, or an apartment, maybe, you know, like the big kids do. But a metal box, seriously?"

That is the clever technique Jameson uses throughout this bizarre tale that is enjoyable to read on many levels. As the author’s synopsis outlines, Zack and the rest of the gang from The Cosmical Pub are back! Strange things have been going on around The Pub of late; paranormal-type things, ghostly sightings, like that. Who you gonna call? An inexperienced ghost-hunter wannabe and his self-proclaimed "psychic" accomplice, that's who. They want to make their own Reality TV show, and are hot on the scent of potentially Big Money, and if this turns out to be real...But there's more going on here than meets the third-eye, a lot more, and our amateur ghost-hunter? He might just end up finding something more altogether real than he'd ever imagined possible, because something bad is coming, something really bad, something even worse than "reality" TV, and when that happens, both sides of the veil are going to be in very big trouble indeed. Be afwaid, be verwy, verwy afwaid...’

Writing with this polished wit comes around all too infrequently and while it is in your hands to read, consider it a gift. Someone understands how wacky and senseless is this planet on which we live spinning out of control. Laughter is the best medicine about now. Grady Harp, July 18

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