Saturday, July 28, 2018

Book Review: 'Karma' by Nikki Sex


One simple act of honesty… alerting a casino customer that he has dropped a $100 bill, begins a series of events that can only be explained by one word “KARMA”.
As a divorced woman, Marcy is struggling to both survive physically and emotionally, as well as provide for her young daughter Katie. Her job as a bartender at a Vegas casino allows her to barely make ends meet. She is an honest woman and although $100 dollars means a lot of money to her, she cannot pick up the bill and just take it.
Having observed this act of honesty, Andre Chevalier steps in to help this woman. He rather looks upon himself as a connoisseur of human nature. A woman who is so honest deserves a break, and so he decides to hire her to be part of his personal household staff. While conducting the required background checks, Andre’s security expert Mike Thompson meets Marcy. He is blown away not only by her physical appearance, but also by her demeanor, character and maturity. He is a man who understands loss of a spouse.
Although Marcy’s ex is not dead (and most readers will wish he truly were), he is an absent ex-husband as well as an absent father. What happens next to these characters is interwoven with expertise and unique writing skills by our author, and so a story develops enjoyable and emotional, full of love, sense of righteous justice, and most of compassion.

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